After the success of their recent Raid celebrations on Twitter, Fetch Publicity are going to be using the popular social networking service to draw attention to the release of Sinister, which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the details:

Can you #SurviveSINISTER?

Join us this Friday afternoon (5th Oct) at 1pm for four hours of horrific Twitter chat as we get people into the mood to go see Sinister that evening or over the weekend.

What we’re really after is a good excuse to talk about our favourite horrors, scariest moments in film and even real life!

We’ve got fresh topics every half hour so drop in on the ones you fancy or stay for the lot.

Best comments will win spot prizes every half hour including posters, DVDs and Blu-rays so you could win the stuff you like by chatting about the spooky movies you love!

Please follow us @Sinister_UK and use the #SurviveSINISTER hashtag in your posts and don’t forget if you go see Sinister this weekend to use the same hashtag to sell the film in one great tweet (you can do as many times as you like!) and you could win a private screening to scare your friends with!

FRIDAY 5th October #SurviveSINISTER Schedule:

1.00pm What moments in film have made you really jump?
1.30pm What makes you jump in real life?
2.00pm Who is the scariest character in film – Candyman, Freddy etc?
2.30pm Which horror films have disturbed you the most?
3.00pm Are there any films you’re too scared to even watch?
3.30pm Have you used horror films for successful dates?
4.00pm Have you ever been in a haunted house or had something happen to you?
4.30pm What do you want out of Sinister tonight/this weekend and who will you take?
5.00pm Have you been lucky enough to see Sinister at one of the previews?

Hope you can join us… Let’s just hope you #SurviveSINISTER!

It should be a good excuse to talk horror movies for the afternoon, as well as give you a chance to win some fantastic goodies!

Blueprint: Review will be joining in, so keep an eye out. If you’re not following us on Twitter (shame on you!) our username is @blueprintrev

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