Each month we deliver the top 10 Haiku’s of the month, along with a collection of haiku’s for our film of the month. This month is PROMETHEUS.

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[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Lyndsey Jackson: @LyndseyJJackson
Do we really need
more opinions of this film?
See it for yourself.

Darren Bolton: @darrenleebolton
Bad casting and script,
But provocative, stunning,
With true ambition.

Daniel Hoag: @dirtyvicar
Alien evolves.
Hang on, fanboys: In space, no
One can hear you squeal!


[wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]David Brook: @dave_or_did
Decent ideas
Ruined by shitty writing
And shoe horned horror

Chris Matic:

Alien it’s not.
But the grand journey it takes
Doesn’t stray far off.

Roger Santen: @AlkalineRoger
Yay Alien returns.
Atmospheric sci fi.
Can’t wait for part two.


TOP 10


What a pile of shit;
Wanted to rip my face off.
Humourless drivel.

IRON SKY (@LyndseyJJackson)
Nazi base in space;
Oddly, Palin saves the day.
What more could you want?

POST TENEBRAS LUX  (@darrenleebolton)
Man pulls his own head
Off at the end. Thats what I
Wanted to do too!

ROOM 237 (@darrenleebolton)
Is this film about
Shining, or insane people?
Don’t think the film knows.

7 DAYS IN HAVANA (Damien Beedham)
Portmanteau project
From seven Cannes favourites.
One day would suffice.

Four years with Weiwei.
This film is nothing less than

THE RAID  (@dave_or_did)
Action films don’t get
Any more brutal than this.
Must clean my trousers.

THE STUDENT  (@dave_or_did)
Hungover students
Have more life than this dull film.
It’s no Pickpocket.

A one-joke premise
stretched four score, seven years long
Abe‘s a slave to style

SAFE HOUSE  (@dirtyvicar)
While it’s not safe from
Top notch violence, this House
Safely fends off plot.


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