Digital is the future of gaming (well all home entertainment). The days of buying things will soon be a thing of the past and be saved for antique stores of books, CD’s and games. We’re not quite there yet, but that'[s not to say there isn’t some truly exceptional software available for the various digital stores on all the consoles and handhelds. We could easily write a list for each service, but instead we’ll just give you our top digital release.

XBOX 360 – BASTION by Chris Shorter

Bastion is a labour of love by its creators, a spirited title driven ever forward by its engaging narrative. What already boasts to be a well stocked and competently built action RPG is polished to a shining finish with a charming hand-painted style and smooth, dynamic monologues. The plot unfolds around you – along with the landscape – as you smash your way through a hefty variation of enemies, challenges and trials; making use of an equally wide array of weapons, buffs and upgrades. It’s a title that carries itself on diversity and storytelling enthusiasm, but manages it in a warm and memorable, if only occasionally challenging, manner. 2011’s unmissable download.

Wii – MOTOHEROEZ By Sam Gittins

Make no mistake that MotoHeroz is indeed the full package wrapped up in one small download, it’s A truly triumphant title that RedLynx should be proud of easily setting the standard for downloadable games on Nintendo platforms. I for one am glad to have played such a fantastic title and I would urge you to download this as it’s easily one of the finest racers available on WiiWare and a small price to pay for what is an unforgettable experience which you’ll continue to revel in long after you’ve finished this Finnish masterpiece


It’s the most addictive puzzle game since the original Tetris. It has that “ok just one more go” feel that every puzzle game should have, it’s different from every other puzzle game out there and it has a beautiful graphical style which allows for easy user created puzzles that can be shared easily via QR code. Plus it’s cheap as chips. But overall it’s fun and challenging.

PS3 – PAYDAY: THE HEIST By Adam Ducker

A co-op heist based shooter incorporating elements of Heat, The Dark Knight opening scenes and Left 4 Dead sounds all too good to be true but Payday just about pulls it off. Considering the game is not a full priced game it offers a ton of features and replayability, other 120 different customized attributes, weapons and skills to level up along with a good choice of missions.

All the missions are playable solo but where the game really comes alive is with 4 players all mic’d up shouting and ordering each other around. The music really helps with this atmosphere and whilst the criticism could be levelled that the graphics are somewhat workmanlike, it is not something you will find yourself thinking about. The missions offer up a variety of scenarios and different types of heists with a few surprises popping up that certainly catch you out from time to time. Overall if your looking for a shooter that offers something slightly different to your usual war based shooters you did not need to look further this is sublime robbery extravaganza!

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