Director: Joe Johnstone
Screenplay: Christopher Markus, Stephen Mcfeely
Based On Marvel Comics By: Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
Producer: Kevin Feige
Starring: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Tommy Lee Jones, Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving
Year: 2011
Country: USA, UK
BBFC Certification: 12A
Duration: 124 Min

Captain America originated from the minds of two of Marvel Comics writers. He was used as propaganda in World War II, and was first depicted punching Hitler in the face. Since then, Marvel Comics has sold millions of copies of his adventures, and now it is only fitting for him to reach the Big Screen. The film is your average action blockbuster, but with a little more heart.

Chris Evans plays the role of Steve Rodgers/Captain America superbly, and has the delightful ability to show the audience that he not only has the brains and the brawn, but has a heart too. The chemistry made between himself and Hayley Atwell’s character; Peggy Carter, is almost enchanting. I loved Hugo Weaving’s character Johann Shcmidt, as this isn’t Weaving’s first attempt at playing a psyhcopath (The Matrix) he has clearly perfected his methods, but without playing the same character twice. There is a very sinister atmosphere to the film whenever he is present on screen, both when he is normal (as normal as any psychopathic Nazi can be) and when he becomes The Red Skull.

However, there is a large element of the film that is too unbelievable. When Johann/The Red Skull finds the “magical” object, he creates many weapons. Weapons, that wouldn’t look out of place in Star Wars. The scenery also changes, and everything becomes slightly space-age. It seems highly unrealistic that in 1942, these things would be present. But nonetheless, the film is highly enjoyable, and is easily accessible to anyone who isn’t familiar with the character’s comic history.

Written By Eammon Jacobs

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  1. David Brook

    I want to try and get out to see this, the trailer looked promising and most reviews have been fairly positive like yours. I’ve not seen many of the big summer films to be honest, I keep going to see special screenings of indie/art house ones instead at the moment, which isn’t a bad thing, but I could do with an explosion/special effects fix!


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