Here it is folks, the first episode of the Blueprint: Review Podcast. Myself, Darren, Chris and Lyndsey gathered to discuss recent releases such as Monsters, Rare Exports and Megamind, movie news and a round up of the best and worst films of the year. We’re quite excitable and fast-talking, mainly because there was so much to cover, but also because we were all off to a Christmas party afterwards, so it might make your head spin a bit, but at least it doesn’t get boring!

We recorded it at the end of last week so apologies for the delay in posting – illness as well as getting to grips with polishing and publishing it were to blame. You can listen to it from Podomatic. To subscribe to it on iTunes click here.

Please let us know what you think, we’re open to any suggestions at this early stage. I popped some music in the background (the Back To The Future soundtrack) so I’m especially interested in whether people think it gets in the way or not.


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