Director: James Wan
Screenplay: Leigh Whannell
Producers: Gregg Hoffman/Mark Burg/Oren Koules
Starring: Leigh Whannell/Cary Elwes/Danny Glover/Shawnee Smith/Tobin Bell
Year: 2004
Country: US/Australia
BBFC Certification: 18
103 minutes

With a dead body resting between them, two men wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who’s been nicknamed “Jigsaw” by the police because of his unusual calling card. Given six hours, a hacksaw, and a bullet, the two men try to figure out a way to freedom. Hot on Jigsaw’s trail is Detective David Tapp, an equally insane cop who was once the victim of Jigsaw’s evil scheme.

Based on a short film of the same name, Saw is now known as one of the most successful horror movies known to date. The story was very gripping and cleverly written and you couldn’t wait to see what Jigsaw had up his sleeve, the characters were brilliant as the movie focused mainly on Lawrence and Adam who were played by the very talented Cary Elwes and Leigh Whannell. The acting was brilliant and the cast made you believe their characters and the one scene that stood out to me was Amanda’s Reverse Bear Trap with a brilliant performance from Shawnee Smith. The direction was fantastic and the cinematography was brilliant as it kept that eerie feeling that you weren’t really safe. The script was cleverly written and the ending was such a surprise and it wasn’t obvious which I love in a movie. The special effects were great and it doesn’t let up on the blood or gore so if you’re squeamish, you might not want to see this.

Saw is one of the best horror movies I have seen for quite a while now and I think that it’s brilliant. Everything from the music to the story is a scary thought and it manages to keep the realism that so many horror movies lack. I liked seeing the characters interact and working as a team to try and figure out and escape from the situation they were in. I believe that Saw is a very cleverly written and very gory horror movie with many twists and turns to keep you interested in the movie. Any movie fan who likes either a good story with twists or bloody and gory scare scenes would love this film. Armed with a clever story and script, a few good scares and a great ending, Saw really raises the bar for horror movies out there. For me, I am an official Saw fan and I will be reviewing the others.

I really enjoyed watching this, I thought it was absolutely brilliant and is definitely one to watch alone in the dark!


Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Writers: Darren Lynn Bousman/Leigh Whannell
Producers: Gregg Hoffman/Mark Burg/Oren Koules/James Wan/Leigh Whannell
Starring: Tobin Bell/Shawnee Smith/Donnie Wahlberg/Erik Knudsen/Franky G
Year: 2005
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 91 minutes

Jigsaw is back. And more people will suffer. Detective Eric Matthews is investigating a crime scene, it’s soon obvious this was the latest victim of Jigsaw, the serial killer who like to play games with his victims. The bigger picture soon reveals eight people being trapped in a shelter filled with booby traps. They have to find a way out, die trying or die from the lethal nerve gas they breath over time.

The first Saw was deadly and very clever but does Saw II follow in its footsteps? The story is great and it’s just as gripping as the first however, it isn’t as good. The characters were written well and all had a strong connection to the story as well as each other and watching them interact with each other made the movie that little bit better. The acting was brilliant and I have to give credit to Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell who play Amanda and Jigsaw, they brought their characters to life and made them believable. The actors and actresses did a fantastic job of making the audience feel for the characters and the situation they were in. The direction was just as good as the first and the script is also the same quality. The cinematography and the special effects were fantastically done and the traps were inventive. There are some scenes such as the traps, which are done brilliantly and the blood and gore and makeup is realistic but I’m afraid that it didn’t keep the mystery like Saw did. Don’t get me wrong, the ending was clever and wasn’t predictable but in the first Saw movie, you were asking questions such as “Who would do this and why?” but in this one, you just hoped they would survive. Also, it’s not as psychological or smart as the first one but it’s still pretty clever.

I enjoyed Saw II but I do prefer Saw. However, in saying this, Saw II is better than most horror sequels out there today. The greatest thing about the movie, even though you wanted the characters to escape, is the fact that you couldn’t help but feel sympathy towards Jigsaw because of the situation he is in. Also, Saw II manages to end unpredictably and adds a twist to the story. Overall, don’t see if you’re squeamish or scared of needles.

Saw II is a worthy sequel and it’s great but it isn’t better than the first, it just doesn’t have the same feeling of mystery. However, it’s still a great movie and for horror fans, it’s worth a watch.


Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Writers: James Wan/Leigh Whannell
Producers: James Wan/Leigh Whannell/Mark Burg/Gregg Hoffman
Starring: Tobin Bell/Shawnee Smith/Donnie Wahlberg/Leigh Whannell
Year: 2006
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 107 minutes

Jigsaw has disappeared. Now aided by his new apprentice Amanda, the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Dr. Lynn Denlon is unaware that she is about to become the latest pawn on his vicious chessboard. One night, after finishing a shift at her hospital, Lynn is kidnapped by the deranged Amanda and taken to an abandoned warehouse where she meets Jigsaw, aka: John Kramer, who’s now bedridden and on the verge of death. Lynn is told that she must keep the madman alive for as long as it takes Jeff, another of his victims, to complete a game of his own. Racing against the ticking clock of Jigsaw’s own heartbeat, Lynn and Jeff struggle to make it through each of their vicious tests, unaware that Jigsaw and Amanda have a much bigger plan for both of Buy Diflucan Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed them…

Saw is back for another instalment in the series as Saw III carries on from Saw II however is it any good? The story is mediocre this time round and isn’t very friendly to people who are watching the series for the first time. You’d have to watch the first two to actually make sense of the story. The characters aren’t very well created except for Doctor Lynn and obviously John and Amanda who were in the first two movies. You didn’t really feel connected much to the rest of the characters so you didn’t really care much. The character development was okay but it was mainly between Amanda and John (or Jigsaw) as she starts to care for him like a daughter that would care for her father, trying desperately to cure and heal him. The acting is average except for the talented Shawnee Smith as Amanda and Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, both of them were yet again brilliant and the relationship between them is great. The direction isn’t bad and the writing is great except for the fact that the story is more for the people who watched the first two movies than newcomers. The special effects and the blood and gore were yet again realistic and the traps were inventive but there was one scene that I think could have pushed the blood and gore scenes a little too far.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It’s a good horror movie but it’s definitely the weakest at the moment. Another thing that was bad was the amount of blood and gore in this one. Even though I’m okay with blood and gore scenes in movies, there was one scene in particular which made me feel uncomfortable watching because it went a little too far (you’ll know which scene I’m talking about if you watch the movie). I felt that the movie didn’t really need to cross that line as the story was very good anyway. The twists and turns in the movie won’t let you down however, as there are plenty of them in the story.

A good movie but this isn’t the strongest in the series. However, it’s still an enjoyable horror but if you haven’t seen the previous Saw movies, it’s likely you’ll find the plot confusing.


Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Writers: Patrick Melton/Marcus Dunstan/Thomas Fenton
Producers: Mark Burg/Oren Koules/Gregg Hoffman/James Wan/Leigh Whannell
Starring: Tobin Bell/Costas Mandylor/Scott Patterson/Donnie Wahlberg
Year: 2007
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 91 minutes

It’s all over, both Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead but Jigsaw plays from his grave. His last puzzle might be the most difficult one. The commander of the swat team has only 90 minutes to solve one of Jigsaw’s puzzles to make it out alive. If he fails, his old friend will die.
All the while, two veteran FBI detectives try to solve another puzzle with fearsome traps and potential death.

The games have just begun and the games have gotten slightly more complex as Saw releases yet another movie: Saw IV. The story isn’t as clever or as strong as the other movies, this one is a little bit boring but it’s still an average addition to the series. Also, it’s not friendly to newcomers of the series, people would need to at least watch the third movie before watching this. The characters were written okay and the way Jigsaw set the traps for the main character is a little bit clever but it just doesn’t have the same intelligence as the first movie did although it tries to. There’s little character development this time round and you aren’t really very interested in the main character but more interested in the characters he has to save. The acting is very mediocre, as there were some scenes when the acting was undeniably quite bad but it picked up later on in the movie. However, the best actor in the movie is yet again Tobin Bell as Jigsaw. The direction was average and the writing isn’t as good as it was in the first three movies. The special effects were done great and the traps were, yet again, inventive and each trap matched the personality of the person in the trap just like the other movies, which I found clever.

I didn’t like this addition as much as I liked the other three and, even though watching Jigsaw’s past and explaining why he did the things he did was all good, it just didn’t feel the same. The movie didn’t actually feel like a Saw movie. It actually felt more like it was supposed to be a television show more than a movie. I also felt it lost that little bit of intelligence and that spark that made the Saw movies great.

A very average horror movie. It’s mostly for Saw fans and the people who’ve been following the movies. It’s possibly the worst in the Saw series, here’s hoping Saw V picks up.


Director: David Hackl
Writers: Patrick Melton/Marcus Dunstan
Producers: Gregg Hoffman/Mark Burg/Oren Koules/James Wan/Leigh Whannell
Starring: Tobin Bell/Julie Benz/Meagan Good/Costas Mandylor/Betsy Russell
Year: 2008
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 92 minutes

The film opens with a man strapped to a table above a pendulum. As the sharp blade begins swinging over his stomach, he has only a minute to stop it by inserting his hands into a device that will crush them. When the machine malfunctions, it’s clear that it wasn’t the work of the meticulous Jigsaw. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Strahm continues the investigation he began in the previous film, only to wake up to find himself wearing a glass helmet filled with water. With a minimum of self-mutilation, he escapes and continues his investigation with the hunch that Detective Hoffman is somehow involved in the new rash of killings. Before long, a new group of strangers wakes up in Jigsaw’s lair to face a series of brutal tests.

The new tagline for the latest Saw movies is now “If it’s Halloween, it must be Saw” which is actually true since every Halloween, I know that a Saw movie isn’t far round the corner. The story is by far the worst in the movies as they start to become more complicating yet answering some questions fans might have had in the previous movies. The acting isn’t great at all and is probably the worst I’ve seen in the series, you just didn’t care for the characters and they didn’t feel connected to each other at all. The characters were written poorly except for Jigsaw whose past story has been in the last two or three movies. It yet again answers questions asked in the last movie only for them to be replaced with new questions. I liked seeing the traps as the five people were figuring out why they were there and fighting for their lives at the same time which added a nice twist. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as there were poor character development and badly written characters. It would have been much better if they focused on one story instead of two (the characters in the traps and the Jigsaw story). The traps were brilliantly done and the special effects and blood and gore scenes were well executed.

Overall, I liked and hated the movie. I liked the traps and some of the story but other than that, Saw V is just very weak which is a shame to say. The thing I loved about the Saw movies was the unpredictable endings and for this movie’s tagline, it says “you won’t believe how it ends” yet I did believe it because I predicted it. I thought I would be wrong but I wasn’t which surprised me since Saw is normally unpredictable sometimes. However, I shall probably be watching the series still, hoping they improve a little. The traps were good but other than that, this is definitely the weakest in the series.

I wanted to enjoy this more than I did. I enjoyed it a little bit but as soon as I finished watching it, I forgot it. I wanted it to at least be average but unfortunately it was below average. If you plan on watching this, watch the other movies first otherwise you will be baffled.


Director: Kevin Greutert
Writers: Patrick Melton/Marcus Dunstan
Producers: Mark Burg/Oren Koules/James Wan/Leigh Whannell
Starring: Tobin Bell/Costas Mandylor/Betsy Russell/Mark Rolston/Shawnee Smith
Year: 2009
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: Buy Revia Online Pharmacy 18
Duration: 90 minutes

With Special Agent Strahm dead, the sinister Detective Hoffman has emerged to carry on Jigsaw’s murderous work. With the FBI drawing ever closer to maniacal Hoffman, the detective is cornered into setting yet another gruesome game in motion: a blood-drenched pursuit that will finally shed light on the really reasons behind Jigsaw’s grand scheme.

I don’t think this really needs an introduction as every Halloween, you know there’ll be yet another Saw movie in the cinemas but have they finally stopped writing mediocre stories and uninteresting characters? Maybe…just maybe. The story is so much better than the last two movies and makes a lot more sense. Also, it clears up any confusion that you might have had watching the previous movies and doesn’t ask many questions for Saw VII. The acting is so much better in this one too and Tobin Bell, once again, is fantastic as the twisted Jigsaw and VH1’s Scream Queen winner Tanedra Howard was a delight to watch. The characters are better written as you actually cared for them and their situation. There isn’t much character development but there is enough to keep you intrigued and interested in the characters. The direction has improved since Saw IV and the special effects and gore scenes are still very much realistic and shocking. The traps are quite clever and it makes you wonder how someone could come up with something so twisted. It worries you a little but it makes for a great horror movie.

Saw VI puts the Saw series back on track, which I’m quite glad about because as a series, it’s not bad. Everything about the movie has improved from the dire movies Saw IV and V. The best thing is the ending wasn’t predictable which I loved. The end to the trap was truly shocking and probably the worst scene for blood and gore in the Saw movies since the third. The end of the story I didn’t see coming so I’m glad it’s got it’s unpredictability back and I’m glad Saw VI put the series back on track, however the first remains the best movies in the series for me but this is a close second. Let’s hope the next movie keeps it at this level of quality.

Saw is back to how it should be. It started going downhill after the third but this picked it right back up!

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