Director: Various
Screenplay: Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg
Starring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh
Country: USA
Running Time: 22 Episodes 42 mins Each
Year: 2016/2017
BBFC Certificate: 12


It is common knowledge amongst people who know me that I am a massive nerd. So as soon as i received the email saying that this series as well as other shows from the Flarrowverse were up for review I quickly jumped at the chance. I will do my best to write this review without geeking out too much and will explain some of the major points without spoilers.

Before we start I need to explain what the Flarrowverse is for anyone reading this review that is new to the CW line up. It primarily consists, at the moment, of four shows which are as follows, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. At certain points in each program they crossover into the series of one another. Please do not let this put you off as to missing vital storylines as they all stand alone very well. With that quick explanation out of the way let’s move on to the review of Supergirl Season Two.

This is the continuation of the adventures of Kara Danvers, the titular hero Supergirl, as she fights both alien and human villains to protect both her home of National City and the world. Standing with her we have her adopted sister Alex Danvers, an agent for a black ops enforcement team called the D.E.O. Next we have Hank Henshaw the leader of the D.E.O who also has the secret identity of the Martian Manhunter. We also have James “Don’t call me Jimmy” Olsen of Superman fame and Winn Schott the techie sidekick type. At times Kara’s real cousin even turns up to fight at her side in the form of the man of steel himself, Superman. I did like the inclusion of a new character to the roster in the form of Mon-El, a survivor of the doomed sister planet of Krypton known as Daxam.

The cast in this show is absolutely brilliant and includes the talents of Melissa Benoist (Glee) who plays Supergirl, Mehcad Brooks (Tru Blood) playing James Olsen and David Harewood (Homeland) as Hank Henshaw. There are also some special and regular cameos that do a wonderful job at fan service which include the president portrayed by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Helen Slater (Supergirl the Movie) as Eliza Danvers and Dean Cain (Superman) is Jeremiah Danvers.

This season tackles some hard hitting issues that can be very hard to deal with in a respectful manner, treating them as the norm rather than being preachy.  These include the topics of sexuality, preconceptions due to family and racism. I will try and give examples without giving away spoilers. The first on the list was sexuality which is seen on screen with one of the main characters coming to terms with her feelings towards a female character and copes with telling her family. Next up we have a new character Lena Luthor, the adopted sister to Lex Luthor which is where the preconceptions due to family comes into play. This raises the age old question of can a Super trust a Luthor? The final issue I wanted to mention was the topic of racism which is shown here by none other than Supergirl herself with the distrust of Mon-El, as the Kryptonians and Daxamites have a long lasting rivalry and distrust. It is very interesting to see how this progresses through the show.

Unfortunately I am running out of time so the last thing I wanted to talk about was some of the villains in this show. There are two in particular I wanted to focus on who are Cadmus and Cyborg Superman. There are many more included in the program but these were my two favourite so far. Cadmus is a mysterious organisation dedicated to the extermination of all aliens on earth, believing they have the duty to reclaim the Earth for the human race. One of my favourite things about them is also where they took their name from. Cadmus was believed to be the first greek hero who was famed for killing monsters. This sets the scene for how Cadmus views the aliens on earth. Next up we have Cyborg Superman, a character who was long thought to be dead returns augmented and bad to the bone. He is a well rounded character with clear motivations.

This season has 22 episodes of entertaining and compelling story which will leave you looking at the clock and saying, ok I can fit in one more episode. It includes a crossover episode linked with the Flash season 3 episode titled Duet. I highly recommend this program and cannot wait to see this show progresses through many more seasons. It is well worth adding to anyone’s TV collection. Above all, Enjoy.

Supergirl Season Two
5.0Overall Score
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