download (3)Director: Philippe Mora
Screenplay: Philippe Mora
Starring: Mirka Mora, Philippe Mora
Country: Poland
Running Time: 55 min
Year: 2015
BBFC Certificate: Exempt


Before I start this review, I would like to say a few things. First off, thank you to Philippe Mora for creating this horrifically insightful film that was incredibly hard to watch the honest horrors that the people experienced during the time that they were held captive in those camps. Secondly thank you to the studio for helping this important piece become available to the world. It is so important that the genocide is not forgotten or glorified which is a risk that many filmmakers and studios face.

I have said before that I have found some reviews hard or difficult to do but this one is the hardest for me to do on the grounds of remaining respectful. With that in mind I  will say that this was extremely enjoyable and enlightening whilst remaining honest to the pain that was felt by the people trapped there.

This is a documentary that follows Philippe Mora as he learns more about the horrific conditions and tortures endured by his family and many others within Auschwitz. It does not shy away from the facts and even achieves moments of satirical humour which is not surprising considering he is known for both comedy films such as Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills, The Marsupials: The Howling III and Burning Down the House as well as some documentaries which include According to Occam’s Razor, The Times They Ain’t a Changin’ and German Sons.

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He is also an artist which is shown throughout the film which I personally think may have been due to the restrictions of not being allowed to record in certain parts of the museum. I must admit that I myself am not a particular fan of his art style mainly due to the dark and disturbing content. I also find that it was being used a bit too often for my liking. That is the worst I can say about this film and that should in no way put you of what is a wonderful masterpiece.

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It is available to buy now on dvd and is well worth watching for its educational value as well as a fantastic soundtrack by the one and only Eric Clapton.

As always I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Three Days in Auschwitz
4.0Overall Score
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