Director: Eric Kripke
Screenplay: Eric Kripke
Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins
Country: USA
Running Time: 50 min
Year: 2008
BBFC Certificate: 15


I really can’t believe that we are on season four already and what a doozy. This is a truly phenomenal program that actually does get better as it progresses. So what’s gone on since the heartbreaking season finale? I’ll try and explain with as few spoilers as possible. Sam has been hunting for four months and a new player enters the fray with the brothers in the form of Castiel who is played by Misha Collins (24, Over Her Dead Body, Stonehenge Apocalypse). The boys are forced to accept the existence of angels as they are thrust into a war between heaven itself and hell. This is a season where the stakes are a lot higher and the Winchesters will be pushed to their limits as a family and even their beliefs as hunters in the face of the apocalypse. Can they stop the rising of Lucifer himself?


So what do the dynamic duo have to face in this no holds barred season then? We have our demons of course still being led by Lilith, renegade angels, a prophet and a seven foot manic-depressed, gun toting, liquor drinking, masturbating teddy bear as well as a mummy, the wolf man and even a classic Dracula. I will come back to that one in a moment. Before hand I would like to talk about the only thing I think this season did wrong. In this season we know that Lilith is behind the demons trying to break the sixty six seals that bind Lucifer in his prison but she seems to be doing it from a back room somewhere rather than being out there as much as she was in the previous season. I understand it was for effect and ran well with the story line but I just cant shake the feeling we should have seen a bit more of her before the final episode as she was shown to be a big baddie in season three. That said it was not the kind of thing to ruin the season in anyway for me.

As you know by  now I like to try and pick a favorite episode from the season and write a little bit about it, and this time round the episode is an early one so lets talk about the fifth adventure, the aptly titled Monster Movie. So what makes this episode so special to me? This was shot entirely in black and white in the style of the classic monster movies that were being parodied perfectly in this splendidly scripted, funny and enjoyable nod to the forerunners of this genre we have grown to love. Sam and Dean go to investigate an attack at a Pennsylvanian Oktoberfest that was perpetrated by an old fashioned vampire according to an eye witness and we mean cape and the accent too. As if things could not get weirder there is even an attack from a werewolf and a mummy within the same town. When Dean faces the vampire whilst protecting a young lady, the vampire refers to him as Jonathan and the lady as Mina. this leads them to track down the culprit resulting in a classic style showdown with some superb lines in it including one of my favorite lines from King Kong “Alas it was beauty that killed the beast”. This may not be in my eyes the funniest episode, the honor of which goes to the sixth one called Yellow Fever which sees Dean scared of everything and has a wonderful scream scene with a cat in it, but in my eyes it was the most memorable due to its wonderful portrayal of the classics.


This season is superb and an absolute must for your watch list. It is available in the season 1-9 blu ray box-set. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

As a final note please watch through the end credits of the episode Yellow Fever. The reason being simply the wonderful outtake that was left in of Jenson Ackles performing an impromptu lip sync to Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger.

Supernatural Season 4
4.8Overall Score
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