All through the month at Blueprint: Review we’ve been pouring over lengthy films and condensing our reviews into tiny little Haiku’s for your reading pleasure. We’ve challenged our Twitter friends to do the same and now it’s that time of the month where we round up the best and the most ridiculous Haiku Film Reviews.

If you want to be featured in next months best of the best Haiku reviews, challenge yourself to write your own and tweet them to @blueprintrev with the hashtag #haikureview! We retweet all the attempts, with our favourites appearing on the blog!


Here’s the Top 10, in no particular order. Enjoy.

21 JUMP STREET by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
It’s entertaining,
But just not funny enough.
Expected worse though.

GHOSTKEEPER by David Brook (@dave_or_did)
Solid slow burn chills
And a slick presentation
Make this a keeper.

FAST & FURIOUS 7 by Lyndsey Jackson (@lyndseyJJackson)
Cars, boobs, butts, boom, pow!
Silly and overblown plot;
Trash action done well±

WHILE WE’RE YOUNG by Darren Bolton (@DarrenLeeBolton)
The most pretentious,
Unbearable characters,
Seen since Frances Ha

THE DROP by Mikaela Smith (@MikaelaRhiannon)
Tom Hardy astounds
As a gentle psychopath.
Left me quite unnerved.

Thor 2 – Kate V (@PossiblyEvenMe)
Thor falls for Loki’s
Abundant tricks AGAIN, but
With good hair this time.

OF HORSES & MEN by David Brook (@Dave_or_Did)
The folly of men,
Forged on the backs of fine beasts
Bring unique humour

WHIPLASH by Kate V (@PossiblyEvenMe)
Oscar was deserved.
Close-ups proved Miles Teller’s face

FAST & FURIOUS 6 by David Brook (@Dave_or_Did)
Crammed with great action
Siding with soapy drama
Cruising in high gear.

RAMBO FIRST BLOOD by Lyndsey Jackson (@lyndseyJJackson)
Late to the party(!)
But the nuance of Rambo
Shows Sly’s acting chops

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