After a few cancellations on previous episodes, I finally rejoined members of The LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) on the LAMBcast, hosted by another Blueprint writer, Jay Cluitt. In the episode, I joined Jay and Kristen Lopez, Bubbawheat and Matt Stewart.

This episode was looking at our ‘guilty pleasures’, so films which we’re either ashamed of enjoying or love despite their massive flaws or in some cases can’t stop watching even though we hate them. It was loads of fun to record and some surprising films were picked out, so head over and listen to it now.

You can listen to the episode on your web browser here.

Or you can find the LAMBcast at iTunes (just search the store for LAMBcast) or head over to The LAMB to find alternative methods of subscribing.

To find out more about the episode itself head here: http://www.largeassmovieblogs.com/2014/07/25928.html

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