Essex-Boys-Retribution DVD coverDirector: Paul Tanter
Screenplay: Paul Tanter
Starring: Ian Virgo, Ryan Winsley, Alex Esmail
Producer: Simon Phillips, Paul Tanter
Country: UK
Running Time: 82 min
Year: 2013
BBFC Rating: 18

Essex Boys: Retribution is about a gang who set up a drug business with money from a bank heist. Prisoner Billy Murray tells the story of the three brothers making drugs to sell in the clubs. Ian Virgo plays the leader of the group who corners the market until their violence goes too far and they find themselves not only targeted by the police but by other rivals and mafia like teddy bears (would have been a nice twist I suppose).

Sadly this low budget flick fails to deliver. Paul Tanter clearly is a very talented writer and director but he appeals to thugs and hooligans in a horrific way. Using aggressive behaviour to drive a story which can only be considered aimed at bullies, football thugs and perverts who want to see a quick flash of ass and boobs.


So many previous films have done it far better (Rise of the Footsoldier, Essex Boys) with a decent budget. Clearly if you have enough brain power I wouldn’t advise even picking this film up in a pound store. I know that is harsh, but to put it bluntly this movie is aim at thugs, plain and simple. What truly offends me is the movie makers using the union flag as to suggest English pride for hooligans which is just utterly sickening. Methinks time to move on from this over used, poorly made genre, enough already!

Essex Boys: Retribution is out now in the UK on DVD and Blu-Ray, released by Metrodome.

Review by Lee Davis

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