Airborne-Poster-350x465 Director: Alexander Williams
Writer: Paul Chronnell
Producers: Dominic Burns/Patricia Rybarczyk/Jonathan Sothcott/Alain Wildberger
Starring: Mark Hamill/Billy Murray/Simon Phillips/Gemma Atkinson/Julian Glover/Allison McKenzie
Year: 2012
Country: UK
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 119 min

Mark Hamill, better known for being Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars series, stars in what I want to say is a horror spoof. However, I’m not so sure that it is. I found myself questioning what type of film this was throughout and even now, I’m still not sure. The movie started off decently with the characters waiting to board the airplane but when they were on it, that was when the movie started to become really stupid. Airborne is about passengers boarding a flight and they all disappear one-by-one with no idea or reason as to how they’re disappearing. The story turned from a heavily-clichéd thriller into a heavily-clichéd supernatural thriller which made no sense. The plot had more holes than a block of Swiss cheese and a lot of the things the characters did made you question their common sense more than making you question “Whodunit”?”. Airborne’s acting was fairly decent in some parts. The actors did a good job in playing their parts but Mark Hamill stood out from everybody else as he was the only one who was above average. He stuck out like a sore thumb compared to everybody else. Except for a couple of actors, everybody else wasn’t great.

Another thing that sticks out in your mind in the movie are the special effects. The special effects are the quality that you would get from one of those cheesy movies on the SyFy channel. Don’t get me wrong, special effects don’t make a movie unless it’s full of action but with Airborne being a little bit ridiculous already, the special effects didn’t help matters.

The worst thing about Airborne though isn’t the story taking a weird paranormal turn but the characters: they were really bad. None of them stand out in your mind and none of them made any kind of sense as to how they fit in the story. They all have one thing in common when they are on the plane, which is fine, but there’s no memorable personality nor is there any kind of reason to their actions. Also, every one of them is unlikeable. The story would have been so much better without the paranormal twist and, with a bit more action and a bit more personality from the characters, this would have made a good action movie. Overall, Airborne is below average. It’s okay if you want something cheesy to watch with your friends but there are better movies out there that are worth your time.

That said, Airborne isn’t a terrible movie at all. I know the review I have just written makes it sound like I thought it was but it did have a bit of an enjoyable factor to it that isn’t, at all, serious. It was fun enough and I was a little entertained with the awful script and the one-dimensional characters panicking over the slightest thing but overall, it’s a bad movie mainly because of the story and the characters. The dialogue is bad but I forgive it since I’m genuinely not sure if this is a horror parody or not (and if it is, good work) but mostly, it’s the story I can’t forgive. As I said before, this movie could have been a good thriller movie if there was more action, better characters and they abandoned the paranormal turn to the story.

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