We’re all big fans of Mario Kart 7 over at Blueprint: Review (or at least Darren and I are) and with the fantastic new online functionality available on the game it’s a great multiplayer experience. One feature that has been introduced in this latest instalment is the ability to create your own leagues (or ‘communities’ as they’re called in the game).

This gave us a great idea. Why not bring Blueprint: Review’s writers and reader even closer together by creating our own Blueprint: Review league!

Through this we can all battle together to see who is truly the best Mario Kart player amongst the Blueprint: Review community. If you follow us on Twitter @blueprintrev we will announce specific meet up times (although you’ll find people playing in the community at any time) and you can try and arrange your own races through that too. If it gets popular we’ll even arrange prizes for big tournaments!

To join the community, you’ll need to enter this code in the game:


And if you don’t have Mario Kart 7 or a 3DS, sort your life out and get them bought!

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