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Top 10 (in no order)

IN TIME (@LyndseyJJackson)
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
Shit, shit, shite, utter shit shit,
Shit shit shit shit film.

I’d have never thought
American football film
Would be quite so good.

CONTAGION  (@darrenleebolton)
Never exciting,
But it’s always interesting.
Getting there Steve-o!

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN (@darrenleebolton)
1D evil kid,
Kills kids in a 1D town,
Destroys 3D mum!

HOUSE (HAUSU) (@dave_or_did)
All but the sink used
In a bat shit crazy film
That made my head spin

TOUCH OF EVIL  (@dave_or_did)
Could this Welles film be
Better than Kane in some ways?
Grimy masterpiece

THE INNOCENTS  (@dave_or_did)
Old ‘creepy kids’ film
Makes me sleep with the lights on.
Terrifying stuff

TROLL HUNTER (@dirtyvicar)
So many trolls you’ll
Think it’s a Kardashian
Family function.

HOT COFFEE  (@dirtyvicar)
More startling than
A cup of scalding decaf
To the naughty bits.

TABLOID  (@dirtyvicar)
Errol Morris knows
Eccentrics make great subjects.
Your jaw might just drop.


One Response

  1. Lyndsey Jackson

    @dirtyvicar’s Kardashian jibe made me spit coffee on my paperwork…. worth it though!


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