Blueprint: Review has been running for over a year now and we’re pleased to have seen it grow from strength to strength over that time. We’ve established some fantastic regular features such as Adam Hollingworth’s Film For Thought series, the amusing Trailer Stories, our reader & contributor led Haiku Reviews, and our two podcasts – the Blueprint: Review Podcast and the 30 Minute Gamers Podcast. We’ve established some fruitful links with a number of distributors too, allowing us to feature reviews of a number of classic, world and independent releases as well as offer generous competitions to our readers.

However, we’re ambitious folk here at Blueprint: Review and we think we can do much better. Although we get a fairly healthy stream of traffic, too many visitors are one-off’s who simply click through to a review from IMDB rather than come back regularly to see what new features we have to offer. We also always imagined a community feel to the site, with regular back and forths kicking off in the comments sections, which doesn’t happen often enough for our liking.

So, rather than just go away and sulk or tamper with the site trying to find some magic combination of layout and content that draws the attention of web-users far and wide, we thought we’d ask you, our regulars and intended audience, what you feel is needed on the site.

We have a number of questions to ask and we would very much appreciate it if you could post your answers in the comments section or email us at if you’d rather. Don’t feel like you need to answer everything, just a vague thought on improvements would be welcome too, and don’t worry about offending us, we’re thick skinned (although I might cry a little if you say we’re rubbish). So here goes:

  • What do you, as a film or game lover really want from a site like ours?
  • Think about a similar site you visit regularly (and list it if you like), what brings you back there so frequently?
  • What is missing?
  • What is working well for you?
  • What would you like to see more of that we already have?
  • How do you find the current style/layout – does it look good and is it easy to navigate?

We plan to start implementing a whole load of changes over the next month, so your thoughts will be taken into consideration straight away. We’re also on the lookout for new writers to inject some fresh blood into the site, so if anyone is interested in contributing please email us at

About The Author

Editor of films and videos as well as of this site. On top of his passion for film, he also has a great love for music and his family.

5 Responses

  1. Tom

    Hi Dave,

    I’ll be as honest as I can without you taking me off your mailing list… 🙂

    1. I want straightforward expedient reviews from people who can 1. write 2. have either some wit/humour or intellect – preferably all three. 3. Honesty – no commercial bias and quality reviews opposed to quantity – again pref both qual and quantity.

    2. Rotten Tomatoes. The layout is fresh. It’s a great idea.

    I think your site has greatly improved by making the background white – the black was far, far too dark, but I still think the lay out is a bit awkward to navigate.

    3. What works well is you have a mix of films – low to mid brow. Some films I see listed I’d never hear about unless I visited your site so that’s a huge positive, but needs to be offset with more inofrmative/fresh/quirky and informed reviews of more popular or even more popular indie titles.

    Hope that helps!

  2. David Brook

    Thanks, I didn’t think you were too harsh at all. Your comments are much appreciated – I just wish some more people would add something!

  3. Rosalie

    On a positive note I think the reviews are more readable and less pretentious than Little White Lies.

    At the moment it’s a free for all on what to review and who does it. I appreciate this as writing them then fits around the rest of your life but maybe a suggested list of what to focus on or a list of the “must-see” films coming out that really should be reviewed. It’s a shame to have the UK box office list down the right hand side but not be able to click on all of them for a rewiew…

  4. David Brook

    That would be a great idea if the writers actually contributed more regularly (no offence meant to the contributors – I appreciate it’s time consuming). At the moment it’s mainly just me covering reviews (Adam’s Film For Thought features have review elements, but really it’s more of an editorial) and I get sent too many DVD screeners to review cinema releases. Plus I don’t get out to see films quickly or often enough at the cinema – our local Odeon is expensive and rarely shows independent releases.

    We’re going to do a call out though and hopefully get some new, more active writers on board. Then we can start putting out suggestions as to what to review.


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