Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) have the perfect life together living the American dream… until Emily asks for a divorce. Now Cal, Mr Husband, has to navigate the single scene with a little help from his professional bachelor friend Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Make that a lot of help…

Trailer Story

Will this romantic comedy surprise us with unusual happenings and unconventional couplings? Or will more of the same annoyingly stereotyped characters fall in and out of love with other annoyingly stereotyped characters. I wonder… What does the trailer tell us?

The trailer opens with Cal and Emily in a car, Emily is driving and they are discussing, or rather Emily is talking about their marriage. It is clearly on the rocks and we find out Emily has slept with someone else. (Steve looks as though he is going to be sick… You alright Steve? O, no your acting I’m sorry, as you were.) Whilst she is rambling on as though she has been to see a therapist Cal jumps out of the car. The juxtaposition of these two things is clearly where the comedy is supposed to hit you. Unfortunately not really the kind of thing that makes me laugh but I’m willing to give it more than a 5 second chance. Of course this act of jumping out of a moving vehicle also represents the fact that Cal is hurt and it is clear he isn’t going to handle the betrayal so well.

Enter, the ladies man, Jacob. Slow motion shot of him walking; swanky shoes, shot of adjustment of suit and then, and this is definitely my favourite bit, three shots of him “charming” beautiful women. All the women seem to be taken in by him, wow he must be good, or are most women just stupid? Hmmm! A-ha! It seems women are saved in the form of Hannah (Emma Stone) she isn’t taken in by his charms, Hurray! My guess is she will be in the end though…

Cal and Jacob meet, for the first time (I’m guessing), in the toilet. Of course, where else? Men talk to each other, when they pee in toilets, all the time, do they not? Holding onto their willies, chatting away. I bet they talk about house prices, football, the state of the economy and the latest celebrity love triangle. Anywho, Cal says “Hey, ladies man guy, any tips of the trade?” Is this really who you would ask for tips? Er yeah, I’ve decided I want to treat women like toys for me to play with and er act like an utter knob, any tips?


Cal decides he doesn’t want to hang out with this young whipper snapper, any longer than he has to, realises he wants to work things out with his wife and heads home to patch things up. Not really! “Ladies man” suits him, boots him and with some unknown force makes him into a cock. Only on the outside, you understand, beneath he is still the dribbling, slightly awkward; I can’t really talk to women, mess he has always been. Haven’t I seen you playing this character somewhere before Steve?

Cal walks into the same bar as said toilet meet, much more confidant now. There is a change of music and cuts of girls turning to look at him as he walks through the bar. Although, personally I can’t see that much of a difference the editing tells me there is one so I’ll go with it. Enter Marisa Tomei, as the sexy woman that is going to make his wife jealous. Don’t worry about trying to read this information in the subtext, Cal comes right out and says it to her. Thank goodness for that blithering simpleton character trait, how else would the audience understand what’s going on?

Jacob is in love, who would of thought it possible? But not with one of the stupid girls from the bar, who hang onto his every word, even though he seemingly doesn’t have much other than pick up lines to communicate with. No, no its with, (surprise, surprise) the girl that’s hard to get, the afore mentioned Hannah. Well hip, hip hooray, if you actually show these cocky boys, that you can think for yourself, you too can have a class one dick for your boyfriend. My goodness us clever girls are lucky girls, aren’t we?

Emily is speaking as though she swallowed the idiots guide to therapy again. Then you think she is going to fess up to more unfaithfulness when she mentions lying about working late, but no. She went to see the Twilight movie by herself, worse than cheating! The line is badly delivered by Moore, I think it is supposed to be witty but it just comes out all wrong. I’m having some serious doubt about the comedy in this romantic comedy. Anyway, I think this is the bit when they start talking again and perhaps making up. Although I’m getting the vibe that this film may well throw a curve ball and they don’t get back together in the end. Shock Horror!

Peekaboo Kevin Bacon. O he’s gone again. Is it just me or does Kevin Bacon have a habit of popping up unannounced in random films. Maybe it’s just me… He is Emily’s other love interest.

Cal confesses he should have fought for Emily. Well… you didn’t you jumped out of a car and palled up with a poor mans Lothario instead, what ya gonna do? Emily is crying, a trickle of evidence she still loves him and eventually they will patch things up perhaps? I’m still going with no.

Hannah asks Jacob to take off his shirt to moan about him looking like he is photo shopped. Yes, I think that would be my main concern about this man too.

This is quite a short trailer actually but still enough to take a good guess as to what will happen. Cal and Emily become estranged. Cal meets ladies man Jacob who introduces him to the art of “pick up”. Cal with his new found confidence wins the gorgeous Marisa Tomei and uses her to make wifey jealous. In the mean time Jacob meets Hannah and the status between Cal and Jacob begins to change as he confides in Cal his feelings for Hannah. They are becoming man chums. Cal finally receives advise from the only person qualified to give it, a teenage boy, and attempts to get wife back.

After much towing and froing Jacob and Hannah end up together. I don’t think Cal and Emily will get back together but they remain really good friends or some such and Kevin Bacon mysteriously disappears to pop up somewhere else at a later date.

This I think will offer something other than your average romantic comedy, the fact that the main protagonist is a man and it begins with our love interests separation makes it a little different. And perhaps we will find some unusual and quirky characters; I’ve got to say I think Marisa Tomei’s character looks interestingly nuts! But Steve Carell’s awkward, dad dancing at a disco, (mildly embarrassing but aw bless him) is getting a little tired on me know, I’m not at all convinced by Moore from this trailer and there are definitely a few annoyingly stereotyped characters in there as well. The only reason I’ll be rushing to see it is to see if my predictions are correct.

It’s out on 23rd September.

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