Director: Shane Abbess

Screenplay: Shane Abbess, Brian Cachia

Starring: Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson, Isabel Lucas

Year: 2016

BBFC Certification: 15

Duration: 1 hour, 35 min


Origin Wars is an interesting, if not wholly original, sci-fi escapade, set on a newly colonised planet.

The plot revolves around the Doctor Who-esque transformation of prison inmates into monsters (raggeds). Predictably, these monsters have escaped and are causing havoc, leading the company behind these transmutations – located on a spaceship above the planet – to decide that nuking the planet (and its population) is their only option.

This doesn’t go down well with everyone, especially not with trooper Kane, whose young daughter is staying in the capital city. Kane flees to the ground and teams up with escapee prisoner, Sy.  Together they head off to the capital to save Indi (Kane’s daughter and the narrator of the film). Along the way they pick up two more, rather crazy outlaws, luring them with the promise of salvation from the incoming blast, and amid monster attacks and shootouts the rag-tag group locate Indy and head to a safety bunker.

The ending of the film is bittersweet, emphasis on the bitter. The group don’t all make it to the bunker and one that does, doesn’t emerge from it human. The aim of the quest in the film was achieved though – Indi was saved, and lives to tell the tale.

While the plot of this film is lacking in originality I did quite enjoy this.  What prevents it from being entirely predictable and keeps it engaging is the irregular sequence of events. The film is split into chapters that jump around the timeline, exploring backstory, giving context to the situations and layers to the main characters.

The futuristic special effects are good for the most part, although I was disappointed in the appearance of the monsters. They looked less like horrifying beasts, and more like large, slimy potatoes with heads. Perhaps that was the intention.

All things considered, this is a decent sci-fi flick, although probably not one you’d return to again and again – there are too many more novel sci-fi films out there.

Origin Wars
3.5Overall Score
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