Starry Eyes DVDDirectors: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
Screenplay: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
Starring: Alex Essoe, Amanda Fuller, Noah Segan
Country: United States
Running time: 98 minutes
Year: 2014
BBFC Certificate: 18

Starry Eyes follows the plight of a fresh faced young actress, Sarah, who is seeking to establish her career. She competes to obtain film auditions whilst also working her ‘day job’ as a scantily clad waitress on roller skates in a restaurant called ‘Big Taters’. Sarah is part of an extended group of un-employed actors and film makers, who all seem to be living out a directionless bohemian fantasy on the fringes of the LA entertainment industry. Sarah is largely mocked and ridiculed by the group, and there are side characters who compete for the lime light. Despite this, Sarah pursues her ambition to be cast in a starring role, and she is eventually offered an audition for a film called The Silver Scream. Without giving away the plot, the film develops to involve Sarah’s dealings with what would appear to be a weird Hollywood elite, and she is tasked with the dilemma of participating in some supposedly occult rituals in order to get the part. The film closes with a truly bizarre and grotesque climax.

On one level Starry Eyes is a collection of fun ideas, but it doesn’t really come into fruition as a whole. I thought it had some slightly wacky and off kilter touches, which I found entertaining, although some might see this as sub-standard ‘indie’ drivel. The film makes reference to a number of exploitation genres, specifically blood, guts and horror. It also reminded me of an oblique and non-sensical film such as 3 Women directed by Robert Altman. For this reason I liked it. But essentially this is a film lacking in substance, which makes for slightly mindless escapism with a few twists and turns. For some, that might sound like the ideal celluloid experience.

Review by Alex Porter

Starry Eyes is out now on DVD in the UK, released by Metrodome.

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