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Occasionally beautiful, frequently stupid, almost always nonsensical – we’re back with a whole parade of Haiku Film Reviews from our contributors, our staff (including Blueprint: Film Team!) and our Twitter Friends.

We’ve included Haiku’s for our film of the month: Kingsmen, as well as giving a round-up of our favourite Haiku reviews of the month. We’ll continue churning them out on our Twitter, so if you want some snappy reviews then follow us @blueprintrev

And, if you’re bored of the twitter challenge of 140 characters, try something a little shorter and write your very own Haiku Review; tweet your haiku with #haikureview and @blueprintrev and we’ll retweet them all and put our favourites in a monthly article featured on the site.






KINGSMEN by Kate V (@PossiblyEvenMe)
Really enjoyed it,
With a dopey grin at parts.
Colin Firth’s my fave.

KINGSMEN by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
Colin Firth: Badass!
Fun, old-school, cartoon violence
Gets a yes from me.

KINGSMEN by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
Another silly,
Violent slice of brilliance
To partner kick-ass.

KINGSMEN by David Brook (@dave_or_did)
Take hardcore violence,
Mix with comic book styling.
Fun shaken not stirred.


TOP 10 (no particular order)

IT FOLLOWS by David Brook (@dave_or_did)
A few flaws and holes
Don’t spoil the clever concept
Or the moody thrills.

EX MACHINA by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
Poor direction and
Unintelligent debate
Waste great ideas.

PACIFIC RIM by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
Awful acting and
Script don’t ruin the joy of
Robots v monsters.

WHIPLASH by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
A stunning and tense
Study of the desire
To reach perfect.

SHAUN THE SHEEP by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
Aardman’s steep decline
Continues with this bland and
Unfunny feature.

BLUE RUIN by Darren Bolton (@darrenleebolton)
Treads on well worn ground,
But great tension and some fresh
Ideas lift it.

THE APARTMENT by Rebecca Latham (@blueprintrev)
Is there anyone
More charming than Jack Lemmon?
Kevin Spacey tried.

PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK by Damien Beedham (@blueprintrev)
Pacino debut
In Panic In Needle Park
Still vital and fresh.

TRANSCENDENCE by Damien Beedham (@blueprintrev)
DO turned helmer
Makes complete mess of first film.
Transcendence is poor.

TOP GUN by Lyndsey Jackson (@LyndseyJJackson)
Planes! Sun-glasses! Men!
“This bogey’s  all over me!”
Well oiled man fun!



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