Director: Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herztoxie3

Screenplay: Lloyd Kaufman, Gay Partington Terry

Starring: Phoebe Legere, Ron Fazio, John Altamura, Rick Collins

Producer: Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz

Country: United States

Running Time: 103 min

Year: 2015

BBFC Certificate: 18

88 Films have done it again, putting their necks on the chopping block to bring us more classics, ensuring they are not lost in the dusty archives of film, so new audiences can enjoy these treasures.

Just in-case you don’t know and have been living under a rock, weedy Melvin Junko was the laughing-stock of Tromaville until he fell in a tub of toxic nuclear sludge and became the hideously deformed muscle-bound super hero, The Toxic Avenger. Take care not to dismiss The Last Temptation of Toxie at first impressions, in amongst all the goo and dismembered bodies, there is a serious point, the errors of capitalism, multinational corporations and conspicuous consumption are explored within its tomes.

Peace in the local Tromaville video store is shattered as a posse of delinquents burst in, terrifying the browsing bikini-clad girlies, but fear not Toxie arrives to save the day. Soon he is ripping out intestines, to use for a spot of skipping practise, erases one of the thugs’ faces and rips off another’s arm using a tape player.

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We flash back, to find out why Toxie has been driven to these extremes of ultra-violence. Things have been hard for Toxie, he has removed all crime from Tromaville and with no villains left to fight he is reduced to working for the IRS. He is saving for an operation to restore blind girlfriend Claire’s eyesight; she is going to get a shock when she sees her gruesomely deformed boyfriend for the first time.

Across the river in the big city, Apocalypse Incorporated is hatching a new evil plan; they are bored with dumping toxic waste in the sea and selling radioactive grenades to third world countries. They want Toxie out-of-the-way so that they can wreak havoc in Tromaville; they want the Toxic Avenger on their pay role. Toxie is feeling like a failure, he is living in a toxic waste dump with no future, so when the evil megacorp offer him a job, he is over the moon.

The malevolent boss of Apocalypse Incorporated bribes Toxie with $ 3,057, so he can pay for Claire’s operation and in return Toxie helps enslave the population of Tromaville at self-improvement seminars and evict the citizens from their homes to make way for missile silos. Claire gets her eye operation using the bribe money and even though she can now see her shockingly deformed Toxie she still loves him, with explosive consequences. Toxie and Claire are happy, but at a price, the only peace the residents of Tromaville get in the ensuing misery are vomit breaks, after toiling in nuclear waste all day. Toxie has become a yuppie on the fast track and has turned into a cad; soon he is ruthlessly evicting eighty year old senior citizens from their homes.

In an epiphany Toxie starts to see the error of his ways, but unwittingly he has signed a contract in blood with the devil, he goes to the junkyard, his favourite place to sit and think. Toxie has realised Apocalypse Inc. is evil and turns over a new leaf, he gives his Toxic all to make things right. He saves dogs from trees and starts doing good deeds, “he will mop up the evil in Tromaville and make room for Toxic Avenger part four”. Toxie and the Apocalypse Inc. Chairman confront each other, the chairman hideously transformations; a green hand rips out of his stomach and he reveals his true self as the devil.

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The devil challenges Toxie to a throng of trials, he must endure the Five Levels of Doom. The first level is Earth, Toxie finds himself being swallowed into the earth but he’s soon back out and even an evil gardener can’t do away with our Toxic super wimp. Toxie has survived so he must endure level two: Fire, the devil vows to turn Tromaville into ash, but Toxie quenches his fire in true Toxie style. Lets’ go to level three: Wind, the devil kidnaps a bus full of kids, blowing the bus to a cliff top. No need to worry the toxic warrior has arrived on the scene and piles the kids off the bus exclaiming “Have no fear children, Toxie is here. Get off now or you won’t be around to see how this movie ends”. The devil is apoplectic so tests Toxie further in Level Four: Water, the devil tries remorselessly to drown Toxie but to no avail our mutant superhero survives again. Enter level five: the Mind, the devil unleashes his full fury and our Toxic superhuman starts to melt into a vile dripping mass of puss and slime. Soon Toxie is a festering pool of gunge and to his horror is transformed back into his weedy former self.

To the devil’s surprise the town support and stand up for weedy Toxie, Claire finds an escape clause in the Devil’s contract, “this must be divine intervention”. Toxie kicks ass, ripping the skin off Satan revealing his vile writhing internal organs, finishing Beelzebub by ripping his head off. Toxie lives happily ever after or maybe just until Toxie Four as he marries Claire and the couple are pronounced monster and wife.

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The Last Temptation of Toxie is wonderfully over-acted and jam-pack full of outrageous special effects, the trade mark of Troma Films. Lloyd has a penchant for slime, puss and festering goo; he ticks all the boxes remorselessly. It takes a high level of perspicacity to produce something this warped and with such a strong identity. Look beyond the strewn body parts and piles of vomit, you will see an important message, don’t be lead astray by multinational corporations and don’t fall victim to consumerism. Anyone acquiring this bundle of joy will be expecting a Troma film and Lloyd does not fail to deliver, this is pure nuclear toxic waste of the finest vintage. It’s a wonderfully hyperbolic bottle of the finest toxic Champagne and I’m left Tromatised.

The Blu-ray is cram full of extras, including dialogue by Lloyd Kaufman during which we find out that Lloyd does not think Toxies’ mechanised eye is of consequence, but you are wrong Lloyd we loved it, it’s integral in revealing Toxies’ inner most emotions. The Blu-ray is high quality with great sound and picture quality, further containing an audio commentary with Joe Fleishaker, Where in the world is Toxie?, Anthology film archives screening, Learn to Tromadance, Naked Dance of the Damned Rat, a stack of interviews plus much more.

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