Director: Kieron Hawkes
Screenplay: Kieron Hawkes
Producers: Patrick Fischer, Joe Moore, Gabe Turner, Leo Pearlman & Danny Potts
Starring: Martin Compston, Paul Anderson & Josh Herdman
Year: 2012
Country: UK
Duration: 106 mins

The film’s poster uses a quote that declares Piggy is “the new Clockwork Orange”. It’s a bold statement and I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate. Piggy is a good film, but not that good.

Joe (the excellent Martin Compston) is a mild-mannered nobody that tries to keep himself to himself but when his brother is brutally murdered by a group of local thugs, things start to change. Piggy (Paul Anderson) suddenly arrives, declares him an old friend of Joe’s brother and is willing to help Joe take revenge. Pretty much a run-of-the-mill tale so far, and out of Kieron Hawkes hands might have been a much weaker film.

Where I think Piggy falls down is the basic story – not the script – but the story. Kieron both wrote and directed the film and I think Direction is his strongest skill. For me Piggy is trying to be too smart, too much like Fight Club. It throws a curve-ball to make us think that Piggy is a Tyler Durden-like character, that he’s just a figment of Joe’s sub-conscious. But he’s not.

It’s just as brutal as FC and has some pretty violent sequences but I’m not sure which I was most disappointed in – that the story didn’t go all the way Fight Club or that it wanted to make me think it was. I can see why Hawkes went the way he did but I felt a little robbed by the ‘twist’ that it wasn’t all make-believe. Saying that, Piggy is still worth watching – Compston brings in the same under-stated, but powerful, acting that made The Disappearance of Alice Creed so watchable.

There’s no denying that the production value of Piggy is first rate; everything about it tells you that serious professionals have worked on this film and the estimated budget of $900,000 was well spent.

Piggy is now available on DVD and Blu Ray.

Review by Andy Goodman

Review by Andy Goodman

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