Our Haiku generator has been expelled since it was responsible for destroying the site with SPAM! But the Top 10 is back, and the negator will launch this month with hundreds and hundreds of new Haikus as part of the sites great new relaunch.

As usual, if you like Haiku’s then follow our Twitter account @blueprintrev where we tweet hundreds and thousands of them (well, maybe 30). Please feel free to tweet your own Haiku reviews (don’t forget #haikureview) and we’ll keep an eye out and re-tweet them; and of course post the best ones on this site. They will be chosen for their comedy or their quality, it appears the two are exclusive!

Top 10 (in no order)

ONE DAY (@LyndseyJJackson)
My best friends wedding?
They’ve made the same film it seems,
Without the funny

TROLL HUNTER (@LyndseyJJackson)
Fairy tales ARE real.
Does what it says on the tin.
Want one as a pet!

CARS 2 (@darrenleebolton)
Fuck me Lasseter!
What were you thinking with this?
It makes UP look good!

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (@darrenleebolton)
That forgettable
I thought I had Alzheimer’s.
Still waiting Woody!

SUNRISE (@dave_or_did)
Three lines can’t express
How beautiful this film is.
A joy to behold

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (@dave_or_did)
Truly unpleasant,
Yet with a surprising heart.
Inspired lunacy

Soooo long, soooo boring.
An inert and poorly-shot
period snoozer.

THE TRIP  (@dirtyvicar)
Funny Brits drive, dine,
quip, quaff and quote Michael Caine;
an Anglophile’s treat.

MELANCHOLIA (Damien Beedham)
The end of the world.
Tragedy or one big joke?
Von Trier again!

Feature from a short.
Superb performances but
Let down by story.

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