Directors: Rob Marshall
Starring: Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Richard Griffiths, Stephen Graham and Keith Richards
Year: 2011
Country: USA
BBFC Classification: 12A
Runtime: 136 mins

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was released on 18th of May 2011. Johnny Depp, the team and some newcomers have returned to our screens in another funny, epic and intense adventure, however this time it’s all because of the fountain of youth.

Once again the famous pirates we love are coming back louder, brighter and funnier than ever. Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, swords drawn, go on a quest to find the mysterious and magical fountain of youth, only to discover later on that Blackbeard and his daughter (Penelope Cruz) are after it too. The rest of the film follows the pirates as they venture even further into the murky depths of pirateness.

Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) finds himself crossing paths with an old friend (Penelope Cruz) but does she want love or is she using him and the others to get the fountain for herself. Jack makes it obvious throughout the film that he does have feelings for her but does she use this as an advantage to get her own way or does she really love him back, Its hard to tell during the film to really know, but you see her be very two-faced to people and its very hard to pick out when she is being genuine or not. Penelope Cruz gets really stuck in and does a great job playing this role.

However while watching the film I found that there are so many different stories going at one time that sometimes it’s hard to follow but on the other hand Jack’s history is looked at in greater detail and some loose ends are tied up.

Jack realizes quite early on that two must drink from two different chalices simultaneously, the one that drinks the chalice with the mermaids tear gets a longer life and the one that drinks the chalice without the tear gets the life drained out of their body and they die. A choice no one wants to make, but the determination and excitement of one or two drives them to do… or at least attempt to make foolish and senseless decisions.

The film is like a an excited dog on a lead, not in the sense that it pisses everywhere but in the sense that it wants to take you everywhere, The film is done in a way that it seeps through all the holes, nooks and crannies but at the same time its like an assault on the senses. Now that the fourth film is done people think that its loosing its thing, however there are a lot of big fans out there still expecting and drooling over the next film. If they did stop producing the films there would be many upset fans, me being one of them – they wouldn’t want to let them down, would they? In my opinion it’s a great film, it offers something to everyone – its got love, action, adventure and of course Johnny Depp’s funny and out of control madness that we all love.

I do really love this film; I mean there are swords and Penelope Cruz – who doesn’t like that combination!?… However on a more serious note it is a really good film, you should definitely watch it, in fact watch it now, go out buy it, go now!!  I give it  8/10 for cast,  7/10 for storyline and  10/10 for Penelope Cruz.

Review by Ethan Gordon

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