Human Desire

Director: Fritz Lang Screenplay: Alfred Hayes, (adapted from the novel by Emile Zola) Starring: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Broderick Crawford, Year: 1954 Duration: 91 min Country: USA BBFC Certifica...

So Dark the Night

Director: Joseph H Lewis Screenplay: Martin Berkley, Dwight Babcock, (based on the story by Aubrey Wisberg) Starring: Steven Geray, Micheline Cheirel, Eugene Borden Year: 1946 Duration: 71 min Country:...

The Fifth Cord

David Brook reviews Luigi Bazzoni's giallo The Fifth Cord, which stars Franco Nero and is shot by the great Vittorio Storaro. It's being released on Blu-Ray by Arrow Video.

Long Weekend (1978)

David Brook reviews the 1978 ozploitation classic, Long Weekend, directed by Colin Eggleston and starring John Hargreaves. It's being released on Blu-Ray in the UK by Second Sight.


David Brook reviews Costa-Gavras' political drama concerning the military coup in Chile in 1973. It stars Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek, and is being released on Blu-Ray by Indicator.