Our first Short Film Showcase of the year is Mark Blitch’s The Code, a a horror short written and produced for the 2011 Splatterfest short film contest.

Directed by Mark Blitch and written by Alan Tregoning & Jason Walter Vaile, the short is an enjoyably silly take on the ‘horny couple get attacked whilst making out’ cliche central to many a horror-movie. As the filmmakers put on their blurb, ‘a young couple’s date turns sour when they are attacked by flesh-eating zombies, until a scheduling mishap offers them a reprieve….’

The film swept the board at Splatterfest, taking home 11 awards and has an impressive ‘92% funny’ rating on Funny or Die.

It’s rather daft and wasn’t really slickly made enough to totally blow me away, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. If you fancy a chuckle, check it out below and hop over to Funny or Die to rate it if you like.

The Code – watch more funny videos

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