The Blueprint: Review podcast is back! After a lengthy hiatus, David, Leon, Damien and Andy get together to talk about recent watches from their collections. They also discuss forthcoming releases they’re excited about. We’ve kept things loose and simple, so don’t expect a tightly edited listen with extra audio clips and such, just a discussion of a handful of interesting films.

The main titles covered in this episode:

– It Happened One Night (1934)
– Wagon Master (1950)
– Burial Ground (1981)
– Beast Cops (1998)

We decided to do a video version of the podcast too this time around. You can view that below or, if you don’t want to look at our ugly mugs, you can play the audio version at the top of this post, click here for our podcast page or search for it on your favourite podcast servers.

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Opening and closing sting from Envato Elements.

Edited by David Brook for Blueprint: Review.

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