MISFIRE_2D_DVDOne of the unsung heroes of action cinema is Gary Daniels. A British-born kickboxing champion, he’s got the skills and look equal to any of his contemporaries, but appeared largely in only straight to video titles from companies like PM Entertainment Group, purveyors of no nonsense explosive fare during the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Despite his lack of well known big studio work, he still has a following though and can be seen kicking plenty of arse in movies on the home entertainment market. He even managed to be picked to be part of the awesome nostalgic cast for The Expendables and gets enough screen time to be in one of the film’s most memorable fight scenes.

Coming out soon in the UK on DVD is Misfire, starring the man himself, and we’ve been offered a copy to give away to one lucky reader, so if you want to discover the joy of Daniels in action or are already waiting for your next fix, here’s your chance.

Details on how to enter are at the bottom, but in the meantime, here’s some information about the film to let you know more about what you could win:

This‚Ä© border‚Äźcrossing,‚Ä© barrier‚Äźsmashing‚Ä© thriller‚Ä© sees‚Ä© a‚Ä© drug‚Äźenforcement‚Ä© officer‚Ä© take‚Ä© on‚Ä© a‚Ä© merciless, ‚Ä©murderous‚Ä© Mexican‚Ä© drug‚Ä© cartel‚Ä© and‚Ä© hits ‚Ä©DVD ‚Ä©on ‚Ä©6 ‚Ä©October ‚Ä©2014‚Ä©.

Hardened‚Ä© DEA‚Ä© agent ‚Ä©Cole‚Ä© (Daniels‚Ä© ‚Äď ‚Ä©The‚Ä© Expendables)‚Ä© is‚Ä© sucked‚Ä© into‚Ä© the ‚Ä©deadly ‚Ä©underworld‚Ä© of‚Ä© Tijuana‚Ä© in‚Ä© search‚Ä© of‚Ä© his‚Ä© ex‚Äźwife,‚Ä© a‚Ä© journalist‚Ä© who‚Ä© may‚Ä© have‚Ä© gone‚Ä© too‚Ä© far‚Ä© in‚Ä© search‚Ä© of‚Ä© a‚Ä© story.‚Ä© Cole‚Ä© discovers‚Ä© his‚Ä© wife‚Ä© has‚Ä© been‚Ä© abducted‚Ä© by‚Ä© a‚Ä© charismatic‚Ä© Cartel‚Ä© boss,‚Ä© a‚Ä© man‚Ä© who‚Ä© publicly‚Ä© aspires‚Ä© to‚Ä© run‚Ä© for‚Ä© office,‚Ä© but‚Ä© privately‚Ä© slaughters‚Ä© anyone‚Ä© who‚Ä© gets‚Ä© in‚Ä© his‚Ä© way.‚Ä© In‚Ä© a‚Ä© place‚Ä© where‚Ä© two‚Ä© cultures ‚Ä©clash‚Ä© and‚Ä© life ‚Ä©is‚Ä© cheaper ‚Ä©than‚Ä© bullets,‚Ä© Cole‚Ä© is‚Ä© about ‚Ä©to ‚Ä©discover ‚Ä©the‚Ä© cost‚Ä© of‚Ä© shooting‚Ä© to‚Ä© kill‚Ä© when‚Ä© you‚Ä© Misfire.‚Ä© Eastenders‚Äô‚Ä© star‚Ä© Michael‚Ä© Greco‚Ä© appears‚Ä© as‚Ä© Cole‚Äôs‚Ä© brother.‚Ä©
Misfire ‚Ä©is‚Ä© a ‚Ä©high‚Äźoctane‚Ä© thrill ‚Ä©ride ‚Ä©where ‚Ä©the‚Ä© action ‚Ä©never‚Ä© stops.‚Ä©

Image Entertainment releases Misfire on DVD on the 6th October 2014.

Entering the Competition

To enter you simply need to share the competition on social media AND email us your details.

To use Twitter to share the competition, follow us @blueprintrev and copy and paste the following into a Tweet:

#bpcomp @blueprintrev Win Misfire on DVD – http://blueprintreview.co.uk/2014/09/competition-win-misfire-on-dvd/

To share the competition on Facebook, find a link to it on our Facebook page and share it (don’t forget to ‘Like’ us too): www.facebook.com/bpreview

Once you’ve shared/tweeted the competition, you need to email us (subject – ‘Misfire Competition’) with your name, Twitter/Facebook handle (whichever you used to share the competition) and postal address to: info@blueprintreview.co.uk

1 winner will be picked at random when the competition has closed. The competition is only open to residents of the UK ‚Äď one entry per person and Blueprint: Review contributors are not eligible. The competition ends on 13th October 2014 at 12pm. Winners will be contacted by email soon after that date.

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