The_Facility_DVD_O_Card_AGIThe 6th May 2013 sees the arrival of the utterly tense, claustrophobic and overwhelmingly effective chiller The Facility – out on DVD and Download through eOne Momentum.

From the award winning short film director Ian Clark (Jenny And The Worm) and starring Alex Reid (Misfits; The Descent 1 and 2), Steve Evets (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; Looking For Eric) and Oliver Coleman (The Other Boleyn Girl) comes a Cronenbergian body-horror about seven volunteers who arrive at the remote Limebrook Medical Clinic to take part in a clinical trial run by ProSyntrex Pharmaceuticals. In exchange for a fee of £2,000 these human “guinea pigs” have agreed to spend two weeks in isolation testing an experimental new drug known only as Pro9. After settling into the facility, each participant is given a first injection and, following a group dinner, sent to bed. But shortly after dark, the group is woken by the harrowing screams of one of their number. Soon, each volunteer begins to succumb to the terrifying and previously unknown effects of Pro9 during a never-ending night fraught with horror, madness, violence and death.

The Sci-Fi London Trailer Cutting Challenge

Inspired by The Facility, this year Fetch Publicity are teaming up with eOne Momentum and Sci-Fi-London to challenge all you budding filmmakers and genre enthusiasts to cut your own trailer for this new and exciting British Sci-Fi. A selection of clips and music from the film are available and Fetch want to see how you would tell this story, entice people to see the film and cut an awesome trailer. All entries will then be judged by an amazing panel which includes Ian Clark (The Facility), Joe Dante (Gremlins), Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral), Almar Haflidason (Fetch Publicity) and Scott Monahan (Entertainment One).

Fantastic prizes include a screening of your trailer at the BFI, with Ian Clark in attendance, and a mega-load of Blu-rays from eOne Momentum. You will also be invited to the Sci-Fi London parties and get treated like a VIP! Either way, Sci-Fi London will host all the trailers on ‘The Multiverse’, the new official YouTube channel for scripted geek entertainment. So what are you waiting for?! Download the assets and get cutting!

Head over here to get started:


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