We have an unusual yet exciting competition on offer for readers today. Anyone familiar with the Blueprint: Review Podcast will know that we’re not particularly happy with our theme music. When I first started putting the podcast together I whacked on some royalty free music we had which did the trick for the first few episodes, but now we’re fed up of it and rightfully so because it sounds crap.

So we’re on the hunt for a new opening and closing theme to the podcast. Knowing that many of you out there are budding composers or producers (hopefully) we thought we’d ask you guys if you, or a musically gifted friend, could put something together. Being podcast themes they only need to be short – something around the 20 second mark will do or even a little shorter. We’ve got no suggestions for style as such, so feel free to go wild with your ideas.

Of course we’re sweetening the deal – we couldn’t ask you to do it for nothing. So we’ve partnered up with Soda Pictures to offer each of the two chosen composers (for the opening and closing themes) a copy of their New British Cinema Quarterly Annual Vol II.

This year’s annual is a pioneering showcase that highlights the rich and distinctive craft of filmmaking in the UK.

The boxset includes the NBCQ 2012 Annual Magazine, which asks the question ‘What is British Cinema Now?’, with comment from leading industry figures including a State of the Nation snap-shot from Film London’s Chief Executive Adrian Wootton. The magazine also takes you further into the worlds of the four NBCQ 2011 films with exclusive behind the scenes content and previews the 2012 films out on tour.

Here’s some information on the films included in the set:

Honeymooner – Directed by Col Spector
At 29, Fran was sure he’d offered his fiancé everything, but she rejected his heart and in the fortnight he should have been on his honeymoon, he’s new single and slouching around London. His friends attempt to piece his life back together, lurching from one disaster to the next as they navigate the pitfalls of modern relationships.

Island – Directed by Brek Taylor & Elizabeth Mitchell
Abandoned at birth, Nikki Black has spent most of her life in care. Incapable of love, fearful and desperate for revenge, she decides to find her birth mother, confront her… then kill her. She travels incognito to the remote Hebridean island where Phyllis now lives as a recluse with Calum – her islander son. Nikki gradually awakens to the magic of the island but all the while, her murderous paranoia intensifies.

Treacle Jr – Directed Jamie Thraves
For reasons known only to himself, architect Tom has abandoned his young family and taken to the streets of South London where he forms a halting relationship with Aidan, the happiest, fast-talking individual you are ever likely to meet. As their bond deepens – thanks in part to a kitten named Treacle Jr – the story gravitates toward a conclusion that’s as hard won as it is inescapable. Funny, touching and gritty.

Junkhearts – Directed by Tinge Krishnan
A soldier plagued by disturbing memories of an unspeakable past, collides with a young homeless girl, and together they form an unlikely friendship. As the pair’s relationship develops, their association is disrupted by the appearance of Lynette’s psychotic boyfriend Danny. It becomes apparent that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

So there’s your prize – impressive stuff I think you’ll agree (keep an eye out for a review of the set in the coming month). If you’re not musically inclined but want to check out the Annual yourself, head over to Soda Pictures to pick up a copy or find out more.

To enter the competition please email your theme or themes to info@blueprintreview.co.uk. Send them in mp3 format to save clogging up our mailbox please, or if you’d rather send a larger file, please use a file sending service such as sendthisfile.com or equivalent.

The prize is only available to those living (or with an address) in the UK I’m afraid, but if anyone is keen to enter anyway for the privilege or challenge alone, feel free and we might find something to send you if we’re feeling generous.

The deadline for entries is August 6th 12pm, which isn’t too far away, so you’d better get composing!

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