You may have noticed a dramatic change in design for Blueprint: Review recently. Well the site has had a facelift and a tidy-up. We’re very happy with the changes and hopefully you all like it too.

Anyway, to celebrate we thought we should offer something to our loyal readers, so we had a word with our friends over at Metrodome Distribution and they’re letting us give away 3 copies of Assassin: City Under Siege on DVD. It’s an action-packed superhero movie from Benny Chan starring Collin Chou, Chrissie Chow and Aaron Kwok. Justin reviewed the film last week and although he didn’t consider it an outright classic, he seemed to have fun with it. Fans of Hong Kong action and superhero movies should find plenty to enjoy anyway.

Here’s more on the film from it’s press release:

You’ve never seen a superhero movie quite like this before!

Let the fevered imaginations of the director of JACKIE CHAN’S WHO AM I? and the fight choreographer behind THE WARLORDS take you on an adrenaline-pumped, hyper-real, comic book-style action thrill-ride that will leave you screaming for more.

Six circus performers stumble across an abandoned top secret World War II laboratory and become accidentally exposed to an arcane gas, giving them uncanny superpowers.

Using their new skills of flight, invulnerability, super-speed and incredible strength, they choose to become the world’s first supervillain team and set off on a deadly wave of crime and destruction. Only the outsider Sunny has the power to stop them, prevent world domination and save the woman he loves.

To be in with a chance of winning, post your own caption for the image below in the comments section and email the comment along with your own email and postal address to: Our staff will pick out their favourite 3 comments as the winners.

As ever the competition is only open to residents of the UK – one entry per person and Blueprint: Review contributors are not eligible. The competition ends on 16th December 2011. Winners will be contacted by email soon after that date.

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  1. John Taggart

    Fatima Whitbread collects appearance fees from I’m a celebrity get me out of here!

  2. Susan Martin

    No No that ten times that I have counted the money and have not got the same amount argaaa


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