Director: Steven Quale
Writer: Eric Heisserer
Producers: Craig Perry/Warren Zide
Starring: Nicholas D’Agosto/Emma Bell/Miles Fisher/Arlen Escarpeta/Tony Todd
Year: 2011
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 92 minutes

So many movies have been released with unnecessary sequels, most of which are horror movies. Just look at Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Hellraiser. Although some people may class SAW as having unnecessary sequels, at least those movies did add something to the main storyline with each sequel. Unfortunately, with Final Destination 5, you know that that is not going to be the case considering none of the Final Destination movies actually add anything to the series as the movies are exactly the same as each other to the last detail. The only thing that is different are the different characters but everything else is the same. Although with seeing Final Destination 5, you know that you’re not going for it’s frightening storyline or it’s compelling characters but you are going to see them get killed in very gruesome ways. The story is absolutely tired, tedious and very repetitive and, as I stated earlier, adds absolutely nothing to the story. If you’re watching this for the story, watch any one of the sequels before this one considering they’re all the same. It’s unfair to call this a sequel considering they’re all the same but it would be more fair to call it a remake and they really should leave this series alone considering it’s had so many of them.

With Final Destination 5, the characters are very stereotypical and one-dimensional but nobody really cares about that anyway since they only care about the deaths that are coming their way. It’s very hard to even care about the characters considering they have no likeability whatsoever. The thing that the other Final Destinations has that this doesn’t is fun. All of the other Final Destination remakes-I mean-sequels had a bit of fun but this was just boring and predictable. Overall, the script and the story felt way too rushed and bowed out in favour for the blood, guts and gore but then again, isn’t that what this series has turned to now since there’s nothing new to add?

I know what you’re all probably thinking when you’re reading this: “If he knew what the Final Destination movies were like, why did he watch them?” and my answer to that question is because normally with the Final Destination movies, even if everything in the movie sucked, it was still fun to watch. Sort of like a really bad B movie that you know is terrible but you have fun watching it for it’s cheesiness. However, with Final Destination 5, it wasn’t even entertaining. It’s too much of a repeat of the others and, to be honest, should never have even been released. I also find it quite scary how this is rated a 15 considering the violence in the movie is that on a level of the SAW movies. I warn everybody everywhere to not pay your hard-earned money to watch this in the cinema and to wait until this is aired on television because the 3D isn’t even that spectacular and the movie itself is just poor, a total waste of money!

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