Director: Adam Deacon
Writer: Adam Deacon
Producers: Adam Deacon
Starring: Adam Deacon/Paul Kaye/Femi Oyeniran/Ollie Barberi/Ashley Walters/Wil Johnson
Year: 2011
Country: UK
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 90 minutes

Man is reviewing Anuvahood, blud, ya get me fam and trust me, it’s not good ting! (Sorry for that, that just didn’t work). So after watching Anuvahood, the first thing that runs through your mind is what you just watched because, even though it’s supposed to be a comedy, the amount of laughs it manages to get were probably two at least which, for a comedy, is not a good sign. This is Adam Deacon’s very first movie in which he writes, directs and stars in the movie and it’s something expected and way too predictable. Granted that he knows his way around urban street ‘yoof’ culture movies considering he’s been in movies such as Adulthood and Shank and he tries to create a comedy out of it but unfortunately, Sacha Baron Cohen beat him to the mark ten years ago with Ali G Indahouse. The story for Anuvahood has been done many times before and hardly offers anything new to the audience and the laughs are extremely limited. However, although the story has been done before, it’s quite a mess as one minute, it’s about one thing then the next, it’s about another. Although, in the end (the last sixty seconds of the movie), we see the message it tried to deliver clearly but through the mess of the story and the horrible characters and the unfunny scenes, it wasn’t clear. The characters were, as said above, quite horrible as there’s no personality or charm to any of them and they were all extremely shallow and very hard to like.

The acting isn’t good at all, it’s just dire. We’ve seen him do some good performances in movies and television shows such as KidulthoodAdulthood and Dead Set but all he ever did in this movie was shout, shout, shout and the rest of the cast did exactly the same thing. The script is a laugh but unfortunately not in the sense that Deacon intended. While it is true that this is an urban-street comedy, it will be difficult for some to understand a word that was being said. Not only that but a few of the characters talk way too fast in street slang and you wouldn’t have a clue what was being said even if you pressed the rewind button on your DVD remote and played the scene again.

All in all, the movie absolutely sucks. The trailer is a little misleading since that did actually have a couple of laughs but unfortunately, the movie is nothing like that. The trailer actually did a better job in being a comedy than the movie did! If you wanted to see the scenes that were funny in the movie, just watch the trailer considering all of the best bits are in there. If you like one-dimensional, stereotypical characters shouting at each other in street slang for 90 minutes, chances are that you’ll like this. If you do not, this isn’t the movie for you!

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