Assassin Rising, directed by Preecha Songsakul is out on 4th July in the UK on DVD.  The fine people at Metrodome have been grateful enough to offer us up 3 copies of the film to give away on the site, so it’s competition time again people.

To fill you in with more information take a look through the film’s press release:

When the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, there can be only one outcome: all out war. With jaw-dropping close quarter combat and exceptional battle action on display, ASSASSIN RISING is rich in both epic scale and visionary style. A film like no other, this breathtaking ride delivers fast-paced thrills which raise the bar for the action genre. starring Than Thanakorn, Thitima Maliwan, Nuttanan Juntarwet, Boriboon Chanruang, Sompob Benjatikul.

As civil war rages through the land, a mighty army cuts a bloody path towards the land’s ancient capital city. A brigade of the enemy’s most ruthless men move closer to their prize, but find their way blocked by a small village.

This humble community is home to no ordinary villagers: it’s under the protection of one of the deadliest fighting units ever, the Black Cats. Teaming up with three mysterious warriors they lead the fight against the enemy army, but the invaders have a secret weapon of their own – a beautiful enchantress whose dark magic could turn the tide of the war.

To be in with a chance of winning, post your own caption for the image below in the comments section and email the comment along with your email and postal address to: Our staff will pick out our favourite 3 comments as the winners.

As ever the competition is only open to residents of the UK – one entry per person and Blueprint: Review contributors are not eligible. The competition ends on 15th July.  Winners will be contacted by email soon after that date.



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  1. Lucan Monks

    “When I’m on the battlefield, I like my hair to look it’s best. That’s why I use L’Oreal’s “Nin-gel”. It assassinates dandruff and eliminates that dull musty smell of war. – L’Oreal – Because I’m worth it!”

  2. C-hris Andrews

    Look into my eyes – look into my eyes – you will let me win

  3. Meg Charlish

    An Assassin I may be, but the bum fluff on my top lip is more likely to make you flee.

  4. Lisa Day

    Why did they run away? this is just my long handled dusting pole.It’s great getting those cobwebs from the ceiling.


    I use my pointy stick to challenge you to a game of staring

  6. Roselia Bernardi

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  7. Emma L Clarke

    You may be a 10th Dan in Karate, but I am a black belt in Origami. Prepare to fold!

  8. heather gutowski

    My hair looks a mess, but believe me, I’ve got full control of everything else.

  9. Rob

    “Why is my hair so silky, because I’m worth it, now prepare to be taken down to china town”

  10. phyllis ellett

    I put the batteries in, its vibrating, happy birthday my love.


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