Director: Steven Lisberger
Writer: Steven Lisberger/Bonnie MacBird 
Producer: Donald Kushner/Ron Miller 
Starring: Jeff Bridges/Bruce Boxleitner/David Warner/Cindy Morgan/Dan Shor
Year: 1982
Country: US
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 96 minutes

Known as one of the first ever feature-length movies to extensively use CGI in it’s special effects, TRON manages to deliver great CGI for its time but when it comes to the story and the characters themselves, it’s less impressive. A hacker is literally kidnapped and ends up in the world of a computer and is forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape lies within his skills as well as help from a security program. The first thing that you won’t forget about TRON is obviously it’s special effects and the CGI that is used in the movie. Make no mistake that compared to the special effects used today, they don’t look very good but considering this movie was made in the early eighties, they’re very impressive. Also, it should be mentioned that it is meant to be designed the way it was so the world would look like an arcade video game. However, there’s more to TRON than special effects as there’s quite a good little story behind it. Although it has been done before in different forms, the story is done very well and manages to do it in a more unique style, telling the story in the world of computers and technology.

TRON has a good cast of actors and actresses from Jeff Bridges, playing the part of our hero Flynn to David Warner, who plays the villainous Ed Dillinger. All of them had done a decent job playing their characters although there were a couple of times where their performances weren’t as strong. The characters in the movie are likeable and remain like that all the way through the movie although sometimes, you felt that they could have done a little more. Through most of the movie, all they seemed to do was run and it eventually became boring. The only problem with TRON is that some scenes went on longer than they should and therefore, as a result, became quite tedious and boring.

With TRON Legacy released in the cinemas now, it’s likely people will be watching the first movie, just like me. TRON will not disappoint those who aren’t expecting the outstanding special effects of today but will disappoint those who dislike eighties’ CGI. The story is entertaining although there were a couple of times when the story felt like it was dragging along but it soon picked itself up again. Overall, TRON is a winner and is something that will remain to be a classic for science-fiction and CGI movies.

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