Director: Debbie Isitt 
Writer: Debbie Isitt 
Producer: Nick Jones 
Starring: Martin Freeman/Ashley Jensen/Mark Wootton/Alan Carr/Ricky Tomlinson/Pam Ferris 
Year: 2009
Country: UK
BBFC Certification: U
Duration: 105 minutes

There’s nothing like a good Christmassy movie to get you in the mood for the festive season and Nativity! is one of those movies that’ll do the job fine. The movie is about two rival schools trying to outdo each other in making the best Christmas Nativity play. Within the first second of the movie or even glancing at the poster, you know exactly what’s going to happen from start to finish but the way it is done, you couldn’t care as it’s quite entertaining and funny in the right places. Martin Freeman was great as Paul Maddens, who plays the ‘Scrooge’ in the movie and doesn’t like Christmas and the children were great little actors but the best out of the movie was definitely Marc Wootton, who played Mr. Poppy as he gave out a good and funny performance and stole every scene he was in as his character. It was also nice to see Alan Carr, who plays the strict critic, and Ricky Tomlinson, who plays the Mayor, in the movie. The movie’s story might be cheesy in quite a few places but it’s a great little Christmassy story that’s simple and will put a smile on your face.

The movie may be simple but it does hold a message about love and what it can mean to people. Another thing that I loved about this movie was how non-materialistic it was and how it was purely all about Christmas and what it properly means. Normally with some Christmas movies, you see big families with loads of presents with kids telling parents what they want for Christmas or parents buying big, expensive gifts for their children or even a parent travelling miles just to get one toy to make their kid happy. What I liked about Nativity! was that it was about Christmas and what it truly means and I think there’s a lot of movies that miss that point out. Overall, Nativity! is a good movie to watch for Christmas that truly shows what Christmas is all about.

It’s not exactly the best Christmas movie you’ll ever see but it is quite heart-warming and happy and it does the job of putting you in the Christmas mood quite well. Despite it being cheesy and very predictable, Nativity! is one of those movies that you can watch over Christmas and be entertained easily with it’s silly humour and the genuinely heart-warming and sometimes funny story.

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