Director: Clay Weiner
Writer: David A. Goodman 
Producer: Lucas Cruikshank/Brian Robbins/Gary Binkow/Meghan Collins/Sharla  Sumpter/Evan Weiss
Starring: Lucas Cruikshank/Pixie Lott/John Cena/Jennette McCurdy/Jake Weary 
Year: 2010
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 12
Duration: 83 minutes

With over one million subscribers and one of the most watched channels ever on YouTube, it was most likely expected that there would be a movie released about this online phenomenon that is Fred, a simple character who uses his mother’s camera to record his thoughts and tantrums and crush on his dream-girlfriend Judy. Fred: The Movie was something that kind of interested me because it’s the first movie (that I know of) that is based from a character originally created on YouTube. Having seen a few of Fred’s YouTube videos, I can only stand his squeaky screaming, fits and tantrums at every small thing for three minutes but for eighty minutes, now that would be a challenge. FRED: The Movie follows Fred, who is now fifteen and is still in love with the girl next door Judy, played by Pixie Lott, but when he finds out she’s moved house, Fred goes on a quest to try and find her again to tell her how he feels about her. The story may be stretched for eighty minutes as the first half an hour consists of Fred finding a way to get to Judy’s house without being spotted by his other neighbour and bully Kevin, however you wanted to move on after the first five minutes. John Cena make some appearances as Fred’s dad and Pixie Lott does a good job as Judy but unfortunately that’s the only thing that I can say is good as far as the acting goes. Lucas Cruikshank is good as Fred and does rather well but hardly offers anything new from the videos he makes other than he toned down Fred by not being hyper as much. Having said that, he acts differently from his online videos, which you will be thankful for in the long run.

Fred: The Movie doesn’t have the best writing or direction and it’s not exactly a great children’s movie either. However, it will do the job in entertaining them for a short while and making them laugh whether it be at Fred’s silly antics or at his chipmunk-like voice (which, I should note, is actually deeper than the one on his videos). If you’re a fan of Fred, you’ll like this as this pretty much is like a Fred video, only longer, a little better and more structured. For the adults, unless you have a silly child-like humour and can laugh at pretty much anything, you may not be so entertained by Fred’s tantrums and you may think that, at eighty minutes, this movie is way too long. Personally, I felt that the main issue with this movie was it’s timing as a lot of the scenes went on longer than they should have and there were some jokes that  went past being funny after the first five seconds. Although the movie isn’t so funny, it’s a bit of harmless fun and there are a couple of funny scenes in the movie, however it gets boring pretty fast.

This movie must have been such an achievement for Lucas Cruikshank, starting from his camcorder at home to filming on Hollywood sets with celebrities. Although I congratulate him on his success, I must be honest and say that Fred shouldn’t have had a movie. A television series, maybe but not a movie. I think he’d be onto a winner by doing television shows like his YouTube videos considering that’s what most of his fans like him for. The movie dragged and went on a little too long, even at eighty minutes. It was great to see Pixie Lott in her debut movie and John Cena and the crew have done a decent job in trying to take a YouTube character and turning it into a movie but it doesn’t work well.

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