18th October sees the re-release of seminal slasher movie, Black Christmas (1974) on DVD and the kind people at Metrodome have 3 copies for us to give away.

You can find a review of the film here and for an overview, this is the film’s press release:

“A sorority group’s Christmas holiday plans are violently disturbed by a sadistic, obscene phone call that threatens to shatter the yuletide peace for good.

Their fear is calmed by the local police who assure them there’s nothing to worry about, but when the first body turns up, the depraved caller’s threats soon become a horrifying reality.

Slowly the girls are picked off one by one and a frantic search begins to find the killer before their white Christmas turns blood red.

As brutal in its violence as it is terrifying in its effect, BLACK CHRISTMAS is a true horror classic that left its mark on the genre for years to come, influencing such horror greats as Halloween and Scream.

Now it is re-released for a new generation to once again experience the sheer terror of the original stalk-and-slash masterpiece.”

The competition is only open to residents of the UK and Blueprint: Review contributors are not applicable I’m afraid. The competition closes on October 17th.

To be in with a chance of winning simply post your own caption for the image below in the comments section and our favourite 3 will be sent a copy of the film on DVD. Just make sure you enter your email address in the appropriate box so that we can contact the winners (don’t post it in the comment itself for all to see though).

The competition is now closed and we have picked 3 winners. The winners are LukeyM, David Simpson and Lee Jones. Congratulations guys and we will be contacting you soon.

After Lee Jones didn’t reply to our emails I’m afraid his prize has been passed onto fourth place, who was Rebekah Smith. Congratulations!

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33 Responses

  1. Chris Clarke

    The new President of the CND was a little hard of hearing…

    Oh, I thought you said “Ban the Bum”

  2. Rob Proietti

    Ah, so THAT’S what you meant when you asked to come check out your ‘Peace of bum’.

  3. Angie Allen

    Ere Ernest .”.whoever hung this paper needs shooting..come and feel the bumps “

  4. Simon Wheeler

    The ultimate horror, buying your wallpaper and dress from the same shop.

  5. Karen Walkden

    oh dear when i said i wanted to show him a picture of the ring i wanted this isnt exactly what i had in mind !!!!

  6. sarah

    Eyes off! When all you’ve got left for christmas are memories and a sad old photo, funny things can start to happen…but MY BUM NEVER LOOKED BIG.

  7. movieswithmitch

    Merry Christmas son, it’s a picture me when I was young with your real father. Not that jerk you’ve been calling dad for all these years. Now go to the store and get your mother some more vodka!

  8. Mark MacDonald

    ” NOOOO DONT LOOK!!! i never wiped my ass properly before doing that shot!!!!!!!”

  9. David Simpson

    Remember the story about the little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dyke to prevent the flood? Well this is much worse than that!


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