Famous for directing some of the most derided films of recent memory (Alone in the Dark, Buy Diflucan Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed House of the Dead, BloodRayne etc.) Uwe Boll is preparing to face some serious controversy with his next film, Auschwitz.  A teaser trailer has emerged (see below – provided by Twitch) and it clearly shows Boll isn’t going for subtle moving drama.  Featuring graphic shots of teeth being Buy Cytotec Online Pharmacy removed and child cremation, Boll’s approach is going to be to shock and horrify.  Seen as he’s done that with some of his video game adaptations already, he’s stepping on dangerous ground here.

Personally I’m usually willing to give the guy a break – he was a guest speaker at a film festival a friend of mine curated and he was very passionate and interesting, if a little overly bitter, plus the film shown, Rampage, was actually not that bad. To tackle such a touchy subject with his generally blunt approach though is going to draw cries of exploitation rather than revelation.

As ever let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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