Quentin Tarrentino’s stint as head of the Venice Film Festival jury has seen him accused of favouritism after handing out the Best film prize to ex-girlfriend Sofia Coppola for her film Somewhere, as well as awarding long-time friend Alex de la Iglesia 2 awards. Tarantino’s mentor, Monte Hellman also managed to grab the lifetime achievement award.

The Italian press are unhappy about the decisions, the film blog Buy Viagra Professional Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed Cinema Lovers said “The 67th Venice film festival has turned into the first Tarantino film festival”

The film-maker has strongly denied the rumors of favouritism and pointed out that Coppola’s prize was given as the result of a unanimous jury decision.

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  1. David Brook

    It sounds dodgy on paper, but everything is judged by a jury panel – surely Tarantino can’t have that much sway over all of them?

    I think it’s a case of sour grapes I’m afraid.


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