French New Wave pioneer Claude Chabrol died today aged 80. A prolific director who never gave up working, he directed over 70 films from La Beau Serge in 1958 to Bellamy in 2009, which starred Gerard Depardieu.

He was best known for his psychological thrillers such as The Unfaithful Wife which earned him the title of “the French Hitchcock”. In fact the portly English director once stated that he wished he’d made Chabrol’s Le Boucher himself. His most respected films include Story of Women and the more recent La Ceremonie.

I must admit he’s a director whose work I have yet to visit, although strangely enough I bought an 8-film box-set of his work a month or so ago, so judging by the amount of praise his oeuvre has been receiving today in the press, now’s the time to start watching.

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