Director: Chad Ferrin
Writers: Chad Ferrin/Roham Ghodsi/Rosie Roberts
Producers: Sean Cain/Chad Ferrin/Noah Segin
Starring: Noah Segin/Andrea Rueda/Ezra Buzzington/Elina Madison
Year: 2009
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 80 minutes

In this genre-defying grind-house throwback, a group of drug-addled, sexually deviant medical students are systematically terrorized by Wilma and John Hopper. The Hoppers, serial murderers and rapists, mysteriously return from the 1970s, and bring horrifying psychedelia with them. With comedy, subversion, satire and true gore, the students must face escalating attacks, shocking circumstances and visceral disgust.

This has to be one of the weirdest, most bizarre horror movies I have ever watched and I’ve seen quite a few. Also, this will be a short review because I can’t really review it without giving away the whole movie so I’ll try my best not to. The story is pretty basic and straightforward to understand but it’s really strange and extremely gross and there is a few times where it confuses you. The acting was below average, there weren’t any good actors in the bunch really. The characters were quite poorly written and you didn’t really care for any of them except for Meg, who is the lead in the movie. The writing isn’t bad but it just feels like it was written to gross you out. It just makes you wonder who could even Buy Brand Levitra Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed dream up movies like this.

I thought that it was made to gross you out and not to scare you. The movie in itself isn’t scary but the idea is but it’s all just so unrealistic. I don’t think that many people will like this movie at all and I think I’d be with the people who are half-and-half, edging towards dislike. I’m fine with blood and guts and kill scenes in a movie but this was a little too over-the-top and not really necessary. I mean, they didn’t use normal weapons to kill but instead used their over-sized private parts, is it really necessary? I thought that the movie was a little gross but I think it intended to do that and I also thought that it was kind of silly. The ending is probably the worst part of the movie and it is the most annoying part too. For me, an ending like that is a big no-no and it’s possibly the worst sin to commit as a filmmaker. If you like B movies or low-budget horrors that go way over-the-top in the gore and story section, then this could be for you. However, I must warn you that this movie is NOT for the faint-hearted, weak-stomached or easily offended.

Seriously freaky stuff. If you like disturbing, gory movies then this is definitely for you!

Reviewed by Dazz Camponi

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