Director: Christophe Gans
Writer: Roger Avery
Producers: Samuel Hadida/Don Carmody
Starring: Sean Bean/Kim Coates/Jodelle Ferland/Radha Mitchell/Laurie Holden
Year: 2006
Country: US/Canada/France/Japan
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 127 minutes

Rose and her husband Christopher da Silva are concerned about their adopted daughter, Sharon, who has begun sleep-walking, Buy Cialis Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed and their only clue is her terrified screams about a deserted West Virginia mining town: Silent Hill. Desperate to help her daughter – and despite Christopher’s vehement opposition – Rose takes Sharon on a road trip to the find the town and get some answers. It is late in the evening when they pull into a gas station to fuel up for the last leg of their journey. While they are stopped, Sharon wakes in the back seat to find the drawings she made earlier in the day savagely defaced, and her terrified cries attract the attention of a nearby police officer. Unnerved by the officer’s attention, Rose attempts to put some distance between them and her driving becomes reckless. She is so intent on their escape that she is caught completely off guard when a dark figure dashes out into the road. Swerving to avoid a collision, Rose crashes the car, hitting her head on the steering wheel. She wakes later, dazed, confused, and hurt to find her daughter missing. Undaunted, with her useless cell phone hanging from her neck, Rose heads into Silent Hill to find her daughter and, hopefully, a cure for her terrifying condition.

Silent Hill is a movie based on the popular video-game series for the PlayStation, which was a very scary experience but does the movie have that same effect? The story is quite good and it does well in keeping your attention to the movie although there are one or two things that either left you confused or just didn’t make much sense. The acting was rather well and I thought that Radha Mitchell had done a good job as worried mother Rose as did Jodelle Ferland who played the tormented child Sharon. The characters were interesting enough and you cared for the ones who you were meant to care for. The special effects were fantastic and the ‘scary’ scenes were done well. The direction is great as the movie really did give out the feeling of creepiness just like the video game. The writing was great but sometimes the story was a little confusing and some of the dialogue was pointless but other than that, a surprisingly good video game adaptation.

I managed to watch this last night with the feeling that it was going to be a scary movie, alas it wasn’t. Even though everything about the movie was meant to scare you such as the town and the monsters, it failed in doing that. However, it did creep you out a little which is another thing I loved about the movie. The atmosphere and the tension from the games are present in the movie and I thought the designs for the nightmarish monsters were fantastically done. As a fan of the Silent Hill games, this didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. It stuck closer to the games than I thought it would do and it kept the creepy feeling and atmosphere that the games had. Overall, it was a good movie that succeeded in being creepy and sticking to the games.

This is nothing like the Resident Evil movies! Silent Hill is so much better but if you’re expecting to be scared, you could be a little disappointed. However, fans of the games will be pleased.

Reviewed by Dazz Camponi

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