The Prey

Director: Edwin Brown Screenplay: Summer Brown & Edwin Brown Starring: Debbie Thureson, Steve Bond, Lori Lethin, Robert Wald, Gayle Ganees, Jackson Bostwick Year: 1983 Country: USA BBFC Classification:...

The Annihilators

Director: Charles E. Sellier Jr Screenplay: Brain Russell Starring: Christopher Stone, Jim Antonio, Sid Conrad, Gerrit Graham, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Paul Koslo Year: 1985 Country: USA BBFC Classification...

Black Moon Rising

Director:  Harley Cokeliss Screenplay:  John Carpenter, Desmond Nakano, William Gray Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Lind Hamilton, Robert Vaughn, Richard Jaeckel, Lee Ving, Bubba Smith Year: 1986 Country: USA...


David Brook reviews the 80s cult classic, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, which is getting re-released on Blu-Ray and DVD by Arrow Video.