The Climber

Director:  Pasquale Squitieri Screenplay:  Pasquale Squitieri & Carlo Rivolta Starring: Joe Dallesandro, Stefania Casini, Benito Artesi, Ferdinando Murolo, Raymond Pellegrin Year: 1975 Country: Italy ...


David Brook reviews this coming of age drama, written by Alan Parker and starring Oliver's leading pair of Mark Lester and Jack Wild.

Soylent Green

Director: Richard Fleischer Script: Stanley R. Greenberg Cast: Charlton Heston, Leigh Tayler-Young, Chuck Conners, Joseph Cotton, Brock Peters, Paula Kelly, Edward G. Robinson Music: Fred Myrow Running time...

Hard Times

David Brook reviews the Masters of Cinema Blu-Ray release of Walter Hill's directorial debut, starring Charles Bronson and James Coburn.

I am not a serial killer

Director: Billy O’ Brien Script: Billy O’ Brien and Chris Hyde Cast: Max Records, Laura Fraser, Christina Baldwin, Dee Woah, Lucille Lawton, Christopher Lloyd, Karl Geary Running time: 103 minutes Year:...