I stir and struggle to make sense of what time of day it is. I toss over and quickly realise it’s morning. I check my emails, though it takes a few rubs of the eyes to get them to focus through the tears of the beginning of another working week. Checking the time, the watch just stares back at me glumly; Look at the weather outside. It’s a bit icy. Darn… So many variables into how the day will play out. It’s alright. I have a busy day’s work planned out ahead of me.

That should distract me.


I come off my third zoom call of the morning and go to refill my cup. I should probably think about eating. Maybe just an apple, because I’ve still got those new year good intentions of eating well and trying to get into (passable) physical shape coursing through me.

The thaw has started to kick in – which can only be a positive right? I check the clock again. How can it only be 11 o’clock? Mondays are the worst of all days. I put This Morning on in the background as my mind wanders.

I sit by the window and listen to the regular chirp of my email as the day filters by me. The daylight streaming in from the wintery morning makes me glad to be inside. The traffic starts to build around the street. Oh look, number 18 must be getting some work done.

Lunchtime / Afternoon

This is torturous. It’s obviously not arriving. I’ve seen countless vans come and go all day. There hasn’t even been the tease of a delivery for next door. I swear this anxiety has gotten worse since lockdown, even if there was an increased possibility of the dreaded ‘you’ve missed a delivery’ red card upon arriving home.

Ah well, it’s time for my Super Noodles (those good intentions only extend so far) – BBQ flavour of course. I’m not an animal.

I hear a thud. Of course! As soon as I turn my back. I’m just glad it’s over. I rush downstairs and my heart sinks. There’s nothing there except a copy of the latest council magazine. Honestly, how much of my rates goes to producing this worthless rag? I trudge back upstairs clutching the mail as a battering ram, smacking it off the bannisters as I ascend.

At least the Super Noodles are done. I don’t have to wait for the temperature to lower from the centre of the sun till they become edible. As I finish off and tip the bowl skyward to savour the last drops of goodness, my ears prick. My head rotates madly in Exorcist like fashion.

The sleek grey beast purrs into view. Looking out my window, the navigator of this princely steed locks eyes with mine. I know and he knows. The difference in our respective excitement levels is evident, even through a pane of glass. I’m afraid to take my eyes from him as he exits the vehicle, in case he disappears.

I don’t want to appear too eager, so I hang at the bottom of the stairs while he reaches the final destination. As the door raps, the keys fall from my hand. I’ll have to see about that – I’m getting to a certain age after all – and casually open the door as the package is thrust into my hand. I say my thanks for the little piece of happiness that has arrived into my life.

Thank heavens for the easy-open tabs on these cardboard packages as I rip it asunder. In a motion similar to Adam holding aloft the sword of power, the light catches the cellophane wrapping as I flip the case back and forward in my hands. A small step for mankind and all that.

The eagle has landed.

I rush into my shelving and hurriedly arrange it in its final resting place. It is nearly lost from sight as I step back and admire how it has added so much to the whole. I back slowly towards the door and flick the light switch as I exit the space.

The Aftermath

Not bad, it’s a quarter to one. I knew once the ice started melting, things would end well. I can now get on with the rest of my day and week knowing I don’t have to manage the stress of wondering whether the package will arrive with me safely.

I’ll just give Amazon a quick check before I get back to it….

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