Director:  Andrew Dymond
Series regulars: Sarah Taylor, Jason Bailey,  Adam J. Morgan, Rob Park,  Kia Aspill, Kevin Bate, Georgina Vowles, Nikki ‘Stargazer’ Carter
Year: 2017 – 2019
Country: UK
BBFC Classification: 12

In the cluttered world of paranormal investigation shows (there’s a lot of them!), one would be hard pressed to justify the existence of another. However, the UK produced Shadow Chasers makes a good case for existing in the paranormal-investigators-explore-haunted-venues-while-nervous-camera-people-film-the-investigation genre and, over the course of its three series, has blossomed into one of the better shows (read: less contrived and sensational) and should certainly appeal to fans of this type of format.

Shadow Chasers can be summed as a paranormal TV series investigating some of the UK’s scariest and most haunted locations. Joining the investigating team of Rob Park and Sarah Taylor are the likes of psychics Nikki ‘Stargazer’ Carter and Kevin Bate and various believers in and sceptics of the supernatural (which gives the show a nice balanced view) as they explore numerous supposedly haunting locations including a 15th Century inn, a modern haunted house, some creepy woods, a helicopter museum and even the MV Balmoral, a reputedly haunted ocean cruiser and one of the last surviving ships of its kind.

In the first series, as the show is still in its infancy, proceedings do start off a bit slow as the crew spend a lot of time just standing or sitting around talking about how unnerved they feel.  However, as the programme develops over the three series, the cast and crew seem to find their groove with the pace picking up and the investigations wisely being split over two episodes: the first being an initial walk though/investigation of the venue and the second part being the overnight ‘ghost-cam’ section where the team try to make contact.

Sure, there a few unintentional snickers (such as the investigators inviting the spirits to “touch them”), but it’s all part of the norm with this type of show. With its likeable presenter and investigators, Shadow Chasers is mercifully a little less over-the-top (and edited into oblivion!) than its American counter-parts (Ghost Adventures) and thankfully short on melodramatic presenting theatrics of say a certain presenter on Most Haunted. This may irk those looking for a quick ghostly, sensationalist fix, ala those other shows, but Shadow Chasers works thanks to its more measured approach, treating its subject matter with respect and providing an impartial look into Britain’s supernatural world.

The show is nicely lensed (it has a more polished look come season 2), makes good use of night vision cam footage and, as mentioned before, is not edited in a frantic manner to make you think something scary is happening. Coupled with its interesting locations (an upcoming episode in series three sees the crew venture into the caverns of Wookey Hole: cool) Shadow Chasers should please all ghost hunting documentary fans out there.

Shadow Chasers Season One is currently available on Amazon USA, SVOD, Hoopla VOD and Bigstar AVOD with Season Two available soon . Season Three is currently in production, 

Shadow Chasers
3.0Overall Score
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