Original Music By: John Williams 
Duration: 51 min
Label: UMC

‘John Wiliams is the man!’ exclaims one enthusiastic reviewer about this soundtrack album on Amazon.com, and he is not far wrong in my opinion. What else can anyone say about this amazing 20 track feast of cinematic music and themes for one of the greatest ever movie franchises. Star Wars The Last Jedi is both visually and aurally resplendent in all its glory as the latest outing in this most storied of space operas.

I cannot find fault with it, and believe me I have searched, listened and critiqued in my mind through each and every track, theme, note and chord without success. It is the work of a well-honed orchestral machine helmed by a master craftsman who is comfortable in his work. It shows in the effortless replay and rework of familiar themes from the very first movie, interwoven with newer and equally instant classic themes created for this film.

‘The Main Title and Escape’ is instantly recognisable as the overriding Star Wars Theme dominates and grounds the listener into this most fascinating story scape. ‘The Supremacy’ and ‘The Rebellion Is Reborn’ both feature some melodic variations on more traditional Star Wars like canvas. Perhaps the exciting phrasing used in tracks such as ‘The Fathiers’ and ‘A New Alliance’ make them stand out from the rest of the album, as with the eeriness and dread evoked by ‘The Cave’ or ‘Revisiting Snoke’ respectively.

Whichever way you look at it, this sound track is no less than you would and should expect from a legendary composer and movie theme such as John Williams and Star Wars. They simply make each other better and fair to say one wouldn’t be the same without the other. Kudos!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
5.0Overall Score
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