Original Music By: Everis Pellius
Duration: 48:23 min

Surely not another feel good Christmas movie with maudlin jingles and saccharine sweet story line, just in time for the festive season; if heard one you’ve heard them all you might be tempted to surmise, (particularly if you are of the bah humbug persuasion), but you would be dead wrong I’m glad to say.

The breakthrough original soundtrack album for this film is literally riven with firsts, e.g.: first Christmas soundtrack album and first Nollywood style festive film, with first time film producer, first time sound / music director and first time screen song credits for yours truly. Despite these firsts, and my undeniable bias, the album is nothing less than a professional, meticulously produced and performed collection of fittingly themed music and song for the movie.

The main theme music and song is titled ‘Joy’ which is featured multiple times, in various guises and remixes throughout the album, and is masterfully brought together in track No. 7’s ‘Joy M.O.T.C.A’ (aka Miracles of The Christmas Angels). This track delivers a refreshing and innovative twist to the ever increasingly popular Afrobeat rhythm by adapting / mashing it with a traditional Christmas jingle style, and brought to life by the song and voice over message of joy and miracles.

The fact that this is an album of firsts which delivers the goods is not lost on the ordinary listener, because you can almost feel the moods and emotions of the characters in the movie as they go thought their story arcs to the final denouement at the end with a track called ‘A Perfect Ending’. Film producer Rhoda Wilson who also exec produced the album is one to watch, as is the album producer / one-man music auteur that is Everis Pellius who managed to craft a convincing fusion of Christmas melodies, Soul, Afrobeat and sheer panache. Doubtless this won’t be the last we’ll hear from them. Listen and enjoy.

Miracles of the Christmas Angels - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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