Here we are with another steam game review. This has been an interesting item for me to review as I am not a big player of side scrolling shooters. What makes this one intriguing is that it seems to want to go back to the simpler days of gaming. This is a game that is perfect if you want a nice nostalgia trip.

So what is this game all about?

In this game you take on the role of one of three classes of ship, Fighter, Survivor and Trickster as they travel through space trying to survive wave upon wave of alien attacks. Each unique class has its own play style and special abilities. The best way to explain them is to go through each class individually. Let us start with the easiest class for a beginner, the Fighter class. With this one you have the ability to copy enemy attacks by shooting three of a kind thus utilizing some rather powerful moves that can deal large amounts of damage to progress further. Next up we have the Survivor class that is quite interesting as it has the unique ability to fill your energy bar by getting closer to the enemy attacks. Although this sounds counter productive to the standard point of a game which is normally to try and avoid getting close and shoot to kill. Once you have started to gather the energy you have two options. First up you can use it to block attacks which is very useful or secondly you can let your energy bar fill right up and use it to release a devastating attack which will fill your screen dealing mass damage to all enemies. One of the other unique abilities is to go into a ghost like mode wherein you are invisible.  Last but certainly not least we have the Trickster class with its ability to  perform very tricky manoeuvres as well as wield a powerful boomerang shot and  even drag a box which will deal immense damage to your enemies. All of them compliment the game perfectly which makes sure that no two playthroughs are the same.

The level design is very simple but don’t let that fool you because this game is anything but simple. Yes this is not the kind of game that I play normally but I did enjoy this. Unfortunately however, I can’t give it a high score because it seems like there is room for improvement with some gaping holes in the clunky controls. It is worth giving a try as I said though, mainly for the nostalgia trip.


Quick, Slick, Deadly
3.0Overall Score
Reader Rating: (11 Votes)

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I love to watch films or play videogames. When i'm not doing that i'm probably asleep. So when the chance to review here arose it was a no brainer.

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  1. Siavash

    Hi Loki! I’m the developer of Quick Slick Deadly and I would like to thank you sincerely for this nice review! 🙂


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